First smear - severe pain and bleeding - can anyone set my mind at ease?

Hi there,
I went in for my first smear today as I’ve just turned 25 - expected it to be a walk in the park as I wasn’t too fussed or embarrassed as I go for regular waxes. I thought it couldn’t be that bad after reading up online and also have a high pain threshold (usually).
I was totally relaxed and the speculum went in fine so i was thinking it wasnt so bad, but as soon as she opened it up, I felt a stabbing pain. I didn’t really have much time to say anything as she’d already started with the brush - but she commented saying there was quite a bit of blood. At first, I thought she meant I’d probably been bleeding before - but the pain was and is still really bad and I have dark red bleeding so I’m thinking she knicked me or something?
I’ve read quite a bit on line about the blood possibly obscuring the reading and I’m worried about getting the same pain if I have to go back.
The nurse was lovely and really experienced, she didn’t make any comments to say my cervix was high or tilted, so I’m wondering why it hurt so much? I guess I could always try another nurse but I’m worried it won’t make a difference as she was really considerate and did everything to put my mind at ease beforehand even though I wasn’t fussed.
If anyone could let me know if they’ve experienced something similar, id really appreciate it. Currently sat here getting worked up thinking it’s something serious :frowning:

Hi MrsA :) 

Just wanted to reply to this as I had my first smear test yesterday (paid privately as I'm 24) and I bled too. Also spotted for the rest of the day and had horrendous lower back ache! Just wanted you to know you're not on your own experiencing this and it always helps me to know that! 

The gp who did mine said he applied a little bit more pressure when he was doing it to try and ensure the blood didn't hinder the results and I would have to get re tested - that could be the same for you? I can't imagine our body reacts well to something scraping on our cervix haha! 

Waiting is the worst. I had a smear last year (again privately) and I bled again then, but the gp didn't get enough cells. The gp definitely did a better job this time. I'm thinking that's why I had awful pains and spotting afterwards. 

Please try not to worry. I know it's easier said than done as I'm currently a bag of nerves and will be until those results are in my hand! 

Lots of love xx 

Thanks hun! It carried on and got worse - was bright red and clotting for days so I rang them on Monday and the doc apologised and said it sounded like she'd knicked me with the speculum and that's why the pain was so bad during and after as it wasn't normal. He said the reason it was getting worse was because he reckons the wound got infected and wasn't healing - so he gave me anti biotics and told me to ring in and get an appointment with the nurse if the bleeding hadn't stopped by weds. By Weds it was worse than it had been all week, so I rang the nurse and she told me she couldn't see me and I had to book an emergency appointment with the doctor. Had that today - she can't see anything that's wrong other than the bad bleeding, she did every test possible and she's squeezed my entire stomach, more swabs, an internal and a blood test so I should find out what's wrong soon. She didn't hurt me anywhere near as much considering I'm so sore - so it could just be that the nurse was too rough and disturbed everything. 

Fingers crossed she got enough cells - she said I was bleeding before she used the brush so fingers crossed this pain was at least for something! 

The doc told me today that I'm definitely not pregnant, all the othertests came back fine but my smear results weren't in yet but that my cervix looked totally normal so she's not worried.

Feel bad for you that you've got the pain too! I could barely sit down after so I really hope you're okay! 

I'd say it's time for a glass of wine after being prodded and poked and sat in the hospital waiting for my blood to be taken - but I can't because of the anti biotics :( 

I'm sure your results will come back fine chick - rest up and try not to panic (coming from the world's worst over thinker here hehe) 



I'm so sorry you've had to go through all of this on your first smear! But at least you've had it looked into and it's nothing to worry about! 

My bleeding seems to be stopping now which I'm trying to look at as a positive, like you I'm just hoping it doesn't obscure the reading of the smear! Otherwise I feel like I would have wasted my time worrying for the results! 

The only thing I can think caused my bleeding is my cervical erosion which is apparently a normal change that's really common. I just keep thinking 'what if it's something more serious and they've got or wrong?' But then I have to remember that they are professionals and if you can't trust them who can you trust! 

Do you know when youre getting yours back? 

It's the worst feeling ever waiting for something you have no control over and in my head I already know it's going to show up something awful :( 

Just trying to reassure myself by thinking I've had no symptoms and surely if it was something really bad they would have seen it when taking my smear and I would have other symptoms.

Just playing the waiting game! 

Good luck with your results. I'm sure everything will be fine-fingers crossed for both of us so we can go back to being happy 20-somethings!

Always here if you need to chat or get something off your chest! 

Lots of love xx