First smear, severe dyskaryosis, colposcopy next week!

Good evening marvellous ladies!

Just like everyone else, I’m here because I have something on my mind that I wish I didn’t.

Two weeks ago, I attended my first ever smear test (I’m only 24 and a half, and received my invitation early). A week later, my doctor called and said my results were abnormal, and that I need to attend a colposcopy. I went to see her today (she’s wonderful, and wanted to have chat before the colposcopy), and she told my that my abnormalities are CIN3, and I have severe dyskaryosis. She told me that the most likely reason is HPV. I was very late on the sex bandwagon, and didn’t have sex for the first time until I was 24, and because we didn’t use condom as a form of contraception, perhaps this was the cause. Okay, I’m rambling… ( I did have the HPV jab when I was younger, but I am aware this doesn’t prevent all forms of HPV)

I received my letter for a colposcopy today (I live in London and my GP is fantastic here), which is a week today. This is all happening so quickly, I’m not sure if this is the norm, or if something is seriously wrong. I’m overthinking it and going mad. My doctor reassured me that cancer is highly unlikely and takes years to develop.

I’m not entirely sure what I am trying to say - I’m just finding it difficult to focus at work, and have started overthinking everything e.g. I’ve been on the pill for 6 months, perhaps that played a role. I am going a little bit mad.

I guess I am just looking for some reassuring words. I’m usually okay with pain, but even the smear test hurt me. I don’t know how I feel. Naturally, I am fearing the worst. Any comforting words (or realistic advice!) will be greatly appreciated. Thank you ladies.

F x

Hi Freda,

I am in the same situation as you, except for I already had my colpo/biopsy yesterday. Mine felt uncomfortable only because of the speculum being inserted weirdly - never had it feel that bad. I also did not like the end part to try to stop the bleeding. But the biopsy itself did not hurt. Cough when they are taking it! You don't feel anything. I am now waiting on my results. I should find out this week or next. Good luck!

Hi Freda :) 

I'm 24 too and paid privately for a smear as obviously I'm not eligible for a smear yet. My results also came back as severe dyskaryosis and I had my colposcopy and lletz today. 

It was very bearable but it was uncomfortable. 

I didn't want to just read and run! I don't really have any advice! Although it's really surprising that you have severe changes if you first had sex at 24. Maybe take this as reassurance that it's only had months to develop so you would have caught the nasty cells in plenty of time? 

I get really confused with how it all works to be honest! 

But all we can do is try to remain positive and leave our wellbeing in the hands of the very capable doctors! 

I hope you're okay. Please try not to worry. I know this is easier said than done but it seems to be the norm to say it in these situations haha! 

Lots of love xx 

Hi Freda

I think the majority of us on here have been in your position so don't worry! The scariest part for me was the wait for the colposcopy. I really didn't need to worry or be anxious as it really was fine. It's not the most pleasant thing in the world and it was a little uncomfortable but honestly the working myself up before it was the worst part! 

I actually thought after it that it didn't hurt half as much as a smear test and that if I had the choice the colposcopy doctor could do every smear I ever have again! 

The nurses and doctor were absolutely amazing and they talked me through things. I didn't have any treatment on the day, just 2 biopsies which I was terrified about! But when it came to them I didn't really feel much.

For me, the build up to colposcopy and the waiting now for results has been far worse than the colposcopy itself.

Try not to worry too much - stress doesn't do anyone any good! I know it's easy to say that but I have found if I'm having a stressful or anxious day then coming on here helps 100%.

Good luck with everything and if you have any more questions please ask :)

Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it! 

Wishing you a healthy and wonderful life. 


It means a lot that you took the time to reply. Thank you! 

I can only wait and see what happens. 

Much love, 

F xxx

Thank you for your words of comfort, Charlene - really means a lot!


Let's see what happens. Good luck to you, and I hope everything is healthy. 



F xxx

Oddly, I never recieved written confirmation of my abnormalities - just a letter from the hospital confirming my colposcopy date. 

I'm growing increasingly petrified. I just read on the NHS that if the abnormalities can't be erased, a hysterectomy may be considered. I waited until the grand age of 24 to have sex, and then this happens! Haha! Also, ladies, can I ask... I am currently on the pill, and during my colposcopy next week I will be in my pill-free week, which means I may be bleeding during my appointment. Do you think it's safe to take a pack back-to-back (I have done this before for holidays etc), during my examination? I should have asked my doctor this, but it slipped my mind. I'm also going dancing with my best friend at the weekend to take my mind off it so I really don't want to be on my period AND have this to worry about! 


Thank you. xxx

I have taken my pill back to back a few times (holidays, weddings etc) so it'll be fine. Maybe take it just incase? You don't want to be bleeding during the colposcopy. 

I only had a letter saying "abnormal" - that was it! No explanation, nothing. I rang straight away for colposcopy as it was so close to Christmas and couldn't have that on my mind! Luckily I got one 4 days later...they wanted me to wait 3 weeks over Christmas otherwise. I didn't feel very informed at all - this site has taught me so much!

Charlene xx

Hi Freda, I've had two colposcopies now and didn't find either any worse than a smear, even with the punch biopsies taken at the first - also, at my hospital at least, the nurses and consultant really couldn't have been more warm and reassuring, so try not to be too anxious about the procedure (easier said than done I know).

I just wanted to add that my letter for the colposcopy appointment arrived before my results letter (which made it rather confusing until I googled colposcopy!) and that my appointment was only about three days after the appointment letter arrived.  Now I'm futher down the line, I think this actually has more to do with how long letters take to get out of the hospital rather than signifying that they think you need to come in urgently, so I don't think the speed of appointment is necessarily something to worry about.

My one small piece of advice if you're worried about pain is to take some ibuprofen 20 mins before your appointment (assuming you're normally ok to take ibuprofen).  I've always done this before any gyno appointments and have made it through the insertion/removal of several IUDs as well as my biopsies with no pain whatsoever.  Entirely possible it's a placebo effect, but it works for me either way :) xx