First smear. Scared.

Hi. Yesterday I had my first smear. I was told i was really inflamed.. 

What does this mean. I've had a few problems lately like bleeding after intercourse etc. Bleeding is ALOT heavier. 

Could this be anything?


Hi Kelly

Well done on going for your smear. I can understand that being told you were inflammed could be worrying for you. None of us is a docotr on this site and there are lots of things that can cause gynae symptoms, most of the time it won't be anything serious. Abnormalities generally dont have symptoms, and if there was anything then that should show in your smear. In the meantime, maybe it's worth making a GP appointment and talking to them. They could maybe examine you and take some swabs to check that there's nothing like an infection. 

I hope you get your result back soon as I know that's a worrying time, and wish you all the best.