First smear results just back - high grade abnormalities

Hi Guys, I’m 24 and a half and have just had my first ever smear. Ive had an invitation through the post today for a colposcopy in 6 days time due to high grade cell abnormalities. Please can anyone shed some light on this? I’ve had the HPV vaccine as a teenager so really didn’t think this would happen. any advice greatly appreciated x

Hi there, I didn't want to read and run. Well done for finding this forum - the support on here has been absolutely incredible for me and has kept me going so much- so come back and check in now and then when you need to. 

I have done some reading and apparently the hpv vaccine doesn't protect you against every strain of hpv. So this may clear some of the confusion up. 

high grade abnormalities will involve a colposcopy like you're having to just have a closer look at the cervix and see whats going on with you And what they may want to do next. They may only take punch biopsies to determine if treatment is needed or if it is clear treatment will be needed they may do it there and then. You will then have to wait on results that usually take 4-6 weeks to come through.

the waiting game isn't fun at all - but we have all been through some form of waiting and I have found that this forum helps so much with that. 

Best of luck lovely 

hope this helps


8th June 16- moderate dyskariosis 

24th June 16 - colposcopy & 2 punch biopsies taken 

13th July 16 - biopsy results state cin 1/2

9th August 16- lletz procedure 

awaiting results 

Hey, I didn't have the HPV vaccine and my test was positive :( .. Don't worry about the colposcopy it takes minutes and the biopsy doesn't hurt :) hope your ok xx