First smear - loop Cone biopsy

Hi everyone

Just turned 25 and I had my first smear on the 29th October and following this received terrifying letters saying I have high grade dykaryosis. Shaking like a leaf in the chair I couldn’t go ahead with it NHS - it was a large area needing treatment and I was so emotional. 10 days ago I had a general procedure loop Cone biopsy and for about a week had very little pain, light brown pinky discharge and all looked OK. Last couple of days I’ve really felt the stitch and doctor said this is normal and it’s a thick stitch starting to come away. Woke up in the night tonight to heavier bleeding - like first day of period and a blood clot (sorry it’s gross) fell into the toilet - around 4cm diameter.

Called the hospital but they don’t seem concerned unless bleeding gets heavy?

Has anyone experienced this change in bleed and some blood clots normal?

I’m going on holiday 14th December and terrified I could get worse whilst I’m away where healthcare might not be great.

This whole experience so far has been so hard and emotional - when I’m recovered I’m going to get involved with raising awareness and opening the discussion for younger women who may feel they are not likely to be at high risk. High grade CIN 3 at 25 - shows we all need to aware as soon as possible.

Nicola from

Hi Nicolazoe, I had the same procedure to you. I was surprised I didn't have bleeding for the first 10-14 days but then had a large 'clump' of something come out and then quite moderate bleeding with clots and I guess stringy bits for another 10-14days. However, my next few periods were REALLY heavy (I've never had heavy periods usually a decent flow for day 1 then barely anything the other days) and sorry to be gross but I had a very pungent smell, practically gag worthy. A friend of mine had LLETZ done for CIN1 a few months before and told me she had a strong smell also. I was going to go to the doctor about this but once my period stopped the smell went away. I have just had an endometrial and ECC biopsy done in my 6 month follow up and experienced a similar smell with my latest period. I can only assume it is part of the solution they use to stop the bleeding. I thought I would mention this in case you experience this.

Regarding the bleeding, I know it's a nerve racking thing to know what is too much or how to determine if you have an infection but I feel like trusting your gut is the best. I remember reading somewhere (but don't remember where) if you bleed through a pad in an hour it's too much bleeding and to go to the ER. I really think if you are haemorrhaging it is like a definite thing you don't have to second guess.

I was definitely feeling 100% back to normal a month after and had sex a few days before the end of the 4 weeks. I did use condoms just to prevent any sperm causing an infection (not based on anything but my own ideas lol) for another week.

I am sure by your vacation you will be all healed up; however, there are some stories of the bleeding being persistent. By the 3-4 week mark though I was so used to wearing a pad I felt naked when I stopped using them so either way you will be able to enjoy your vacation. Good to get the mind off of all this.