First smear led to CIN2 with LLETZ treatment

Hi everyone. This is my first post. 

I'm 24 and had my first smear test recently. It came back as a bit of a shock saying I have low grade dyskarosis. After googling it everywhere seemed to tell me not to worry, although obviously that was hard. I had a colposcopy a few weeks later. 

Really nice nurses at my colposcopy. They didn't seem worried by what they saw and reassured me they were only taking a few biopsies to be on the safe side. For some reason I then had it in my head that that was it. I didn't have too many side effects. Not much pain and not much bleeding. 

Sadly my results just came back. "Pre cancerous cells and CIN2/3". This was a real shock! I'm pretty worried. I know it's not cancer but I'm still scared. I've been given a treatment date just one week away, for LLETZ. I've not spoken to many people about it but those I have mentioned it to all say it's fine as though I am worrying over nothing - am I being silly to be scared? 


Has anyone else experienced this? What should I expect? Could it be worse than they think? Will it impact my fertility? I'm only 24 but I know I'd love to have children if I'm able one day and honestly that's my main concern. I'm scared... 

Hi Hannahkatee,

I think the wording can sometimes be a bit unsettling. To see 'precancerous cells' can be a shock. But all levels of abnormality are classed as precancerous cells. It just means there is no evidence of cancer-which is good! It can also be a shock to hear you need treatment. However, most women in your position only need one treatment and this is unlikely to cause any issues to future pregnancies. I was told, it's only if you need multiple treatments, or if the lletz is particularly large, that it may affect a future pregnancy. Even then most pregnancies following treatment are fine with additional monitoring. You could ask how much tissue they are planning to take in the lletz treatment as this might reassure you. I believe anything 10mm or less is absolutely nothing to worry about. And even if they take more than this, one lletz is unlikely to affect a future pregnancy.

Good luck with it!



Thank you so much for your kind words and reassurance. It's daunting but I am starting to feel more positive from reading the forum on here that the outcome will hopefully be a good one. Xx

I had my lletz too today. I think that anxiety is simply the normal reaction to what is an invasive procedure. I asked for gas and air as I knew I wouldnt be able to stay still.

I do recommend the gas and air though might not be for you-just made the whole thing more bearable and less anxiety provoking.

Please post and tell us how it goes. I am now on the wait for the lletz biopsy result. Tbh I feel fine tonight-just some light bleeding. But as my partner says, I should still take it easy. Its almost as if he doesnt trust me ....ha. He might be right on that one 

Definitely take it easy! I'm glad you're feeling okay this evening. I hope you recover well. 

Hi Hannahkatee, 

Just seeing your post reminded me of how I felt back at the beginning of April. I had the same feelings as you and was so terrified. You are not being silly to be scared. I am now going on 4 weeks post lletz treatment and feel a lot better. This forum and having close friends/family to talk with helped greatly too. Continue to stay positive and you will be fine xx

Thank you for sharing - your experience sounds very similar to mine. I'm glad you're feeling better after the procedure. Xx

Hi everyone, just an update here. I had my LLETZ appointment yesterday but the doctor sat me down and explained due to me being young, small and not having had children she was reluctant to do the procedure on me as she worries about future issues carrying children. I'm really grateful for her having these forethoughts and I agreed to being monitored regularly to see if my body is able to fight the CIN2/3 that was found in my biopsy. 

I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience - I'm obviously still concerned that my body might not clear the precancerous cells and if it spreads I could be left in a worse position ... 



Hi Hannah 

Did they say how frequently the monitoring might be ? The only thing I would say is that HPV tends to clear faster in young uns, and there are small risks with pregnancy ( though if lletz is small not so serious). 
Did he discuss that with you ?

The doctor said I'd be having a colposcopy every six months over two years in the hope they would see regression in the CIN2/3 and abnormal cells. It still feels worrying! Xx

I wasn't sure if he'd framed it as a choice as if you really didn't want that he needs to listen to you.

however 6 months is nothing - the waiting meant there was 6 months between my smear and lletz. Lletz is worth avoiding if possible but I'm sure he will do one if needed. There seemed to be little change with my cells in that time.

as far as I know watch and wait is often used with young women with cin 2 ( though not older ones like me). I'm not sure about cin2/3 though. There is an ask the experts section here or you could use the helpline.

Hi Hannah

This is known as watch and wait. Remember colposcopists are experts in their field and they will monitor you very closely. CC is very slow growing apparently. I can recommend phoning Jo's helpline for reassurance. The Ask the expert is also very good. Rest assured you are in safe hands. Hope this helps.


Thank you everyone for your replies. Sounds like I wait and see. I've had two additional biopsies to double check if there's anything nastier that's gone undetected xx

That's reassuring x