First Smear In 16 Years! Awaiting Results!

Hey everyone, I’ve been reading the posts on this forum for a few weeks now & I have to say that it is amazing the bravery and support that I have seen here, thank goodness for forums like this where people can support each other & peace of mind can be sought.

I am one of those 1 in 3 women who didn’t go for there smear test (now called Cervical Screening) for 16 years and I know it sounds crazy but life got in the way. i was busy with Uni, work, moving house and I suffered badly with panic attacks for some time so the idea of having a smear test done and then having to wait the 3 weeks, was not exactly something that I welcomed as silly as it sounds.

My first smear at 20 was abnormal so I had a follow up smear and they told me that is was fine. 2 smears after that came back as clear. Then everything was going on in my life and you know what they say…the longer you leave things, the more you don’t want to face them. I’d get the letters but I’d feel instant fear and put them in a drawer, forget about them.

For me, it isn’t the examination itself, it’s the three dreaded weeks of wondering when that letter is going to come through the door. Today marks 2 weeks since i had the cervical screening so next week I should (hopefully) get the results. In the 16 years I haven’t noticed anything unusual going on with my vagina, I always said that if I did noticed anything unusual I would see a Doctor but as we know, you don’t have to have any noticeable symptoms sometimes these things lie dormant.

At the age of 38, I’m ashamed to say that I’m learning about HPV now, a lot of this info was not around when I was younger. I know that’s no excuse.

So, like so many of us, I’m currently playing the waiting game. I just wanted to know how you all cope during the three weeks of waiting for your results? Not just for the cervical screening but for all these related tests in general? Reading so many of your posts, you all seem so strong and power through it. I’m out of my mind with worry, sometimes I feel ok and other times it’s like a wave of fear comes over me.

One thing’s for sure, if I am lucky & all is ok, I will never miss another cervical screening again. Sorry for rambling x


I totally agreed with you. Never missed any smear test, however the waiting time is always the worst part. Im now 4 weeks waiting my results and the only reason i don’t think about it is because i had 6 months ago colposcopy and smear test privately back in my country. There are few things i don’t agree with the smear test in UK. First obviously is the waiting time as makes many women to avoid having tests as they are suffering from anxiety and the other one is that if for example im negative now, i will go back after 3 years. Three years is a long time waiting to get the next one in my opinion.

We can’t do many things rather than try to calm. Tbh i choosed to do everything privately back in my country once a year and im getting the results in 2 days :sweat_smile:

I hope you everything is going well for you :kissing_heart:

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Hey! First of all don’t be sorry for rambling, for as much as the internet gets slated due to some people being awful, forums like this are truly what give me hope in the human race and sometimes letting it all out to a stranger is so freeing!

Secondly, well done for going for a procedure done that previously filled you with dread! I know it’s hard waiting for the results and your brain can go into overdrive over the ‘what if’s’ but whatever the result may be, it is better to know in the long run! When you feel the dreaded panic come or the wave of fear just try to breathe, do something nice for yourself whatever it be you enjoy! Even just taking a long soak in the bath.

Here if you ever need an internet friend :slightly_smiling_face: xx


Waiting is the worst!!! I am on week 2 of recovery from lletz and waiting is driving me insane.
I try and keep busy and put a brave smiley face on but have moments of pure worry and terror about the future that come out of the blue!
The forum is great, reading others experiences has really helped me. I also have anxiety and put off my smear for 9 years so I can empathise with that awful feeling of ‘what if I’d tested sooner’ however, I was in no state to be able to wait for results when I was highly anxious. My partner said ‘the fact that you willingly booked my smear is proof of how far you have come with anxiety so be proud of that’ so that’s my advice to you too :relaxed:
I hope you get results soon with good news xxx


Thank you lovely :hugs: I got the results back at the weekend & I’m clear. After 16 years I’m lucky. I will attend all Cervical Screenings in the future but I will go private so that I only have to wait for a few days for the results. Wishing you well :heartpulse:

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Thank you so much lovely, same here! My results came back negative, I was very lucky. I hope this helps other women to feel a bit more hopeful esp if they have missed a few appointments or in my case, 16 :see_no_evil::heartpulse:

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Your partner is right, booking a smear/cervical screening is a very brave thing to do esp if you suffer from anxiety. It’s a massive step :hugs::heartpulse: