First smear HPV Positive

Hey ladies,

I’m hoping anyone could help settle my mind a little bit.

I had my first smear (at 28) like 3 weeks ago and it came back HPV positive and I’m having a colposcopy tomorrow morning.

I’m quite anxious about it as it’s my first time and I don’t really understand what it all means.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

LouH x

Hi Lou,

I'm currently going through the same as you. The colposcopy is nothing to worry about. HPV is so so common and the virus itself can make the cells on your cervix 'abnormal' so tomorrow you'll just have to sit in a chair, in a very dignified way (not) and have a Dr look at your cervix more closely with a microscope. depending on what they see, they may take a biopsy to check the abnormal cells. I had this done and you hardly feel it. My results came back CIN 2 which is just how they grade the abnormality of the cells. On Tuesday this week I had the abnormal cells removed by LLETZ treatment but that doesn't mean to say that you'll have to have the same! However, if you do. I can assure you it's totally painless procedure (It was for me anyway) and it's very effective. I'm currently now awaiting my results to come back. Hope all goes well for you X 

Sorry I only just got this message!! Thank you.


i had the colposcopy it was more awkward than distressing I guess, not as bad as I had imagined. The nurse said she would be taking a biopsy to check one area but didn't indicate what she thought. It's now been a week and I'm still waiting for results.. I'm guessing if it was cancer I would have been called or written to by now?!! I am worrying a little now.

How long did you wait for your results? Xxx