First Smear HPV Positive, No Abnormal Cells

Hi everyone!

I think I'm just looking for reassurance. I'm 25, and had my first smear about 3 weeks ago. I had a voicemail on Thursday from my practice nurse saying give me a ring back to discuss your results - which obviously terrified me straight away! (Queen of overthinking/worst case scenarios) I went downstairs and my results had come through the post showing HPV had been detected but no abnormal cells.

I've tried to call her back 6 times now, but each time she's been busy with patients, and they promised this morning that she'd ring back today but when I phoned at 18:25 before they shut they said she doesn't work Friday afternoons! Obviously it's making me more and more anxious. I'm a nurse myself which is making half of me think it's okay, if it was serious she'd have made more of an effort to ring you, you just have to go back in a year... then the other half is thinking the worst!


I did have genital warts around age 17 and was treated successfully, but I know this is a low risk strain so likely not what was picked up on my smear. I had all my vaccinations in school also so hopefully somewhat protected. 

Am I over thinking it? I think it's the not knowing how long I've potentially had this high risk strain, and what happens if it doesn't clear? I've had a new partner for around 18 months so granted it could be a new infection and might be all gone by next year, but like I say I think I might just need reassurance.


sorry for the long post/life story!


thanks in advance,

Liv xx

I know it is scary to get news like this, but remember HPV is incredibly common, and it very rarely leads to cervical cancer. If you spend too much time reading here you will stay convinced it will, but we are not a random sampling. We all were the statistical anamolies who got cancer. Most likely this is a new HPV infection that will clear itself in a couple of years. Even if it is an older infection, it will likely clear again and cause you no further problems. The data is absolutely on your side. Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for your reply! Xx