First smear high grade

Hi all


Had my first smear 2 weeks ago aged 30 and results today showing high grade abnormalities and I'm petrified, I'm currently supporting my mum with her fight with metastatic breastfeeding cancer and the thought I now have possible cervical cancer is just killing me. Booked for colposcopy altho don't have the date yet. Please someone tell me some good news from having the same letter I've had. I just feel that it's going to be the worst outcome, I can't get my head into a positive state

Im the same as you im 27 begged for a smear at 22 never got one got fobbed off with infection screening instead so i was too scared to go when i was invited.

Grew some balls and went a fortnight ago got my results yesterday...same outcome as you.

keep me updated i hope all works out well x


Hiya when did you get smear result? Have you have coposcopy yet? Good luck hope we both get good results and this can be sorted for us

i got my smear result on thursday 2 weeks after going for my smear havnt yet had my colposcopy appointment but letter says i should have it within 5 days, to be honest i am terrified iv gotten used to abnormal bleeding and discharge ended up just being the norm for me, i have an awful feeling that my results arnt going to be great. Where abouts are you from ? please keep me updated with how you get on x