First Smear high grade abnormal

Im terrified i tried to have a smear when i was 23 and ended up feeling humiliated by the nurse at my gps in the reception area infront of other patients i was blatently told no chance and for what reason do i feel i need one at my much for caring proffesionals ey 

i know and knew something wasnt right im 27 now i avoided going for my smear when i was invited because i knew it would be abnormal and i was scared im an idiot.

I dragged myself at to a clinic iv avoided my gp surgery ever since i was supposed to change gps but im always so busy with work kids etc,

I saw a wonderful doctor in a clinic 2 weeks ago, she did my smear and i told her about my stomach issue and recent bladder issues she checked both there was no prolapse etc

I have my results back i got them yesterday when i arrived home from work high grade abnormalities. Now i am terrified because i have felt for such a very long time that something wasnt quite right, i have a terrible feeling that my colposcopy is going to reveal something bad.

I have three little boys and im convinced that somethings really wrong.

Doesnt help that i work in the funeral industry and see death everyday either

How long does it take to tell you anything from the colposcopy ? could actual cancer be picked up on a smear ? if it was would they tell you ?

Hi there. So sorry to read what you're going through. It's such a stressful time but you have done the right thing and are on your way to finding out some answers. 

As far as I am aware, a Pap test can only detect the presence of abnormal tissue and cannot detect cancer. A colposcopy/biopsy will give you more information as to whether it's CIN or precancerous/cancerous. 

I had irregular bleeding between cycles and went for a Pap smear. Abnormal cells were detected (CIN3) and, like you, I feared the worst. I could only think of my 2 young children and how they would be without their mother. I couldn't even get through the day, so I booked an appointment with my GP who helped me immensley by explaining everything to me. My LLETZ resulted in CIN2 (so it was downgraded from CIN3) and margins were all clear. Unfortunately, I've just had another irregular pap smear at follow up but I feel safe knowing that I'm being well monitored. 

So many things can cause your symptoms (stress??) so please try not to stress too much (yeah right)! you are now in safe hands and he doctors will guide you through this. 

They should tell you everything that they know. Try to write it all down as you hear it infind that as soon as I step out of the room I've forgotten everything they've said. 

You WILL be ok. For some of us it's a little journey to get there, but you WILL get there. Results time vary depending on where you live, where you had it done, etc. I'm in Australia and my doctor said that I should have the colposcopy results within the week. 

if you have questions, please call your doctor. They can often reassure you about things instead of you stressing about it. I do it all the time - helps reduce my anxiety and they're very used to it. 

Sending hou you a big hug. Keep us posted xx

hey missp.

thanks for responding im in the uk

Glad your being monitored effectively ! I just cant seem to get out of my head that i KNEW something was wrong i KNEW the smear would be abnormal ! and now im hoping for the best but expecting the worst. im by no means a worrier. but confirming that i do have abnormal cells just kind of makes me want to slap myself for not listening to myself for years and being proactive about my own health i have rang my gps all they are saying to me is that there are abnormalities and i have been refered on and not to worry myself yet....cheers im sure i wouldnt be worrying as much if you hadnt of refused me my smear test 5 years ago ! keep me posted too x

Many tests detect abnormal cells and I our minds always jumpy to the worse case scenario. 

When my initial results came back from my first Pap smear, they came back as high grade (CIN3) which was then downgraded to CIN2 after the biopsy (which is more accurate). 

Let me know how you go and hopefully we can both relax soon.