First smear at 25- moderate changes, petrified (children mentioned)


I hope someone is able to give me some sort of reassuarance, I am having a really hard time coping. 

I recieved my letter to go for my smear when I was apparoaching my 25th birthday. I booked the appointment straight away as I’ve had persistent UTI (cystitis) over the years and some pelvic pain and lots of discharge (sorry tmi) I’ve had these things investigated and was told it could be due to my ectropian but the pelvic pain has never been explained and it comes and goes, tends to flare up when I’m stressed. 

Anyway, I went for my smear and it was fine.

got a call from the colposcopy clinic saying I needed to

come in for a colposcopy as I had moderate changes.

i broke down and was sent home from work. 

I went to the colposcopy where they had a look and took biopsies to be sent off. The nurses were lovely and so reassuring saying it’s very unlikely it could be cancer and that it looked like CIN 1/ CIN 2. 

I am absolutely petrified that this is cancer and all the symptoms I’ve had previosuly have been cancer. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat properly I’m continuously crying and trying to hide all of this worry from my 6 year old daughter.

i called the hospital 2 days ago and managed to speak to a nurse as I was in a complete state, she tried to reassure me but I’m so worried these symptoms I’ve had are cancer. I’m so scared of leaving my daughter :( 

sorry for rambling I just feel so alone with this x 

Hi. I know how anxious you must feel. I'm in the same boat. I have always gone for regular smears and never had a problem until my last one. It came back with mild changes. I had a colposcopy and biopsy and that came back with Cin3  I was really shocked. I'm going for a loop biopsy this afternoon and I'm dreading what they might find. I'm 36 with 3 young girls. All I  can say is what other people have told me. Try not to get ahead of yourself. Cin is usually pre cancer and is treatable. There is nothing we can do now except go with the flow and get the treatment we need and hope for the best  Try not to Google it  easier said than done I know. Look for other people's stories of success on here. I found that helped me. Good luck. X

Thank you so much for responding, I feel as though I’m going out of my


I’m sure if they’ve got you in for loop that means their just getting rid of the pre cancerous cells right? I thought the biopsy they take at the colposcopy would show up any cancers so hopefully you’re completely fine! 

I just feel so in the dark about all this I don’t know what to do, every time I think of my daughter I break down xx 

sending lots of luck, let me know how it goes xx 


Apparently the first biopsy they take is only small. The loop one is a bigger area so can show what's going on in more detail. They aim to remove all the bad cells when you have the loop so that's what I'm hoping for. I'm a bit of a pessimistic person by nature and I have health anxiety too so I'm a mess! I also can't look at my kids without wanting to cry.  have however been able to speak to several friends and family members who have been through this and come out OK on the other side. It's more common than you think and thank goodness it's been picked up and can now be treated. I'll let you know how I get on. X

Please try not to worry!

ive been through all this, my first smear was in January (turned 25 in December). Smear went fine, then I had a letter referring me to the hospital for the colposcopy, like you I broke down was so upset and confused and worried!

the colposcopy was fine, the cell changss were boarderline but I had 2 biopsies taken and was sent home to wait for the results. Three weeks later the results came through the cell changes were more advanced than my smear suggested so a MDT meeting was held at the hospital for the results to be discussed, I was then contacted again via letter confirming the cell changes as CIN2, another hospital appointment made to discuss treatment. When I went due to my age I was offered the choice of lletz or watch and wait, I am a massive worrier so I opted to have the lletz done there and then, I can honestly say after reading some stories I was terrified (no one ever tells a good story) so I will tell you that my lletz went absolutely fine! I had 3 local anaesthetic needles injected into my cervix - I didn’t feel them! I didn’t feel the lletz burning the cells away - only bad thing was the smell, it stinks! I just have to wait 4 weeks for the results of the tissue they took away to decide whether I need further treatment or if it is onto 6 month smears.

one good thing that has come from this is that I have completely packed up smoking as there is a direct link between the body not being able to fight the HOV virus and smoking! 

Good luck with everything, you can do It, stay storng you are in the best possible care now. Xxx

Thank you so much for replying Jane237 sounds like our situations are similar although youre a little ahead of me. What you’ve said is exactly what the nurses told me to expect so that’s put my mind at ease a little as I was worried they were just saying that to calm me down.

i just hope It is only CIN 1/ CIN 2 and if I’m given the option of treatment or watch and wait I will be having treatment too as I am a worrier and just want this nightmare to be over! 

I would love to hear how you get on Jane237, big hugs xx 

You’re welcome! I’m glad I could reassure you a little! I wish we were educated more at college or something about this as I had no clue about any of it! This forum had been a god send for me!

Yes I will let you know how I get on, please keep us updsted, I hope everything goes well for you! Xxx

So.... I had my letter back following my lletz today! I was expecting it to take 4 weeks and it has only been two so I did feel a bit of dread when I realised what it was.

The cells taken were CIN2 and 100% not cancerous, i have now been discharged back to my GP and will need to have another smear in 6 months! So happy I had convinced myself it was always going to end up bad, so please rest assured going through this means something awful. We are put through these experiences for a reason and it has definately made me stronger!

Thats great news Jane237 so happy for you, please stay in touch xxx

Just an update, I had had enough of waiting yesterday so I called the hospital who told me my results of my biopsy were in.

I of course said please can you tell me and she was a little bit quiet and said "Hold on, I will have to check with the consultant if I can tell you this over the phone as I have been asked to book you an appointment to discuss the results with him"

I FREAKED! thinking the worst and basically begged the receptionist to ask if I could know over the phone as I physically cannot wait anymore. She went to speak to the consultant and came back and said the results are exactly what the nurses told you, it is CIN 2 and NO CANCER found in any of the biopsies, but the consultant wants to meet with you to discuss treatment or watch and wait.

I am so relieved that it wasnt worse than the nurses thought and have said I want treatment, I just want this over with!

My boyfriend wants to me watch and wait as he is worried about repeat Leetz treatment affecting fertility, I don't know whats for the best as I am only 25. I feel like I just want the treatment.

Thanks guys xxx 

Thanks! So glad you have found out your results now. To be honest the doctors said to me the chances of lletz affect pregnancy Is that the likliness or having a premature baby goes up by 2%. I think if you are having to have lletz all the time then it could cause further complications.

let me know how you get on! Xxxx