First smear at 24 - Colposcopy appointment as high risk. Also about to start IVF

Would really love any related stories or advise please.

I went for my first Cervical smear last Monday (I'm 24) and four days later the hospital have sent me an appointment for the colposcopy the following Thursday. Typically I  recieved the letter on a Saturday and was in panic and worry all weekend but called the doctors and they have told me it was high grade.

Was due to start IVF this month after 5 long years of not being able to conceive with My husband so I'm a bit of an emotional wreck. 

Just hoping someone can guide me to what i may expect x

Hey, sorry you've been pulled into this mess with us all. On the plus side you are being seen quickly! The waiting is the worst. I'd say try to stay calm but it's virtually impossible so try to stay busy instead :p the colposcopy itself isn't that bad. If you're prepared for IVF I imagine you'll be fine with any biopsies or treatment they will do. My biopsies were fast but I did feel them - like getting a piercing. Otherwise it's just sit back and get your cervix stared at really. In regards to IVF make sure you ask at your appointment. They'll be concentrating on so much and will not have your records to know already. I know it's advised not to get pregnant while having treatment but not sure how that relates to IVF. Fingers crossed it's nice and smooth for you and you can get back to trying to start a family xx