First smear age 25 severe dyskarosis and pregnant

Hi there

hope someone can help as its been driving me insane.

i had my first smear 8 weeks ago and I received my letter a week later advising I had severe dyskarosis. I had a colposcopy appointment a few weeks after but then found out shortly before my appointment i found out that I was pregnant. I had my smear totally unaware I was pregnant.

The doctor at the hospital has advised me that if i wasn't pregnant they would have removed the cells there and then but I will have to wait till my baby is born.

im worried as this is my first smear so do could have had severe dyskarosis for a while, I suppose I'll never know. I'm worried my cells will change.

any advice please? 


hi, i had my first smear last year and got simuler results only i was due to have a trachelectomy when they realised i was pregnant, dont let yourself get worried, theres loads they can do even if you are pregnant and if they've advised you to wait until after birth then they must be confident that you'l be ok until then :)


Hi there

Thanks for your reply
Was your dyskariosis much worse than mine as I've never heard if that procedure?
I had my coloscopy and I don't even know what CIN grading I have?