First smear after misdiagnosis


I had my first ever smear last year (aged 34) and the results came back as severe/high grade dyskariosis. I had a colposcopy and the results were grade 1 at most and I had a biopsy and loop/lletz treatment, the final results were NO EVIDENCE OF ABNORMAILITY, phew. Needless to say throughout that whole time I was extremely worried and as it turns out, it was all for nothing. I had my first yearly smear on Friday, I am now very worried that the same thing will happen. I am convinced that it was at the Dr's end that something went wrong for me to get such varying results. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I am dreading getting the results letter!!!

Hi Beccae, 

I had a similar experience after my first smear. I unfortunately had a nightmare experience with my GP surgery, not sharing with me my results, despure receiving a letter saying I had abnormal results and was bring refered for a colposcopy. After finally receiving my results the GP I saw scared me witless by drawing a diagram with CGIN and possible cancer inside me. 

After what seemed like an endless wait I went to Bath RUH, the team were brilliant, reassuring and comforting me. He treated me there and then. When the results arrived it was not CGIN but the less complicated to treat CIN3 and NO CANCER! (I think that it was sent in capitals for my GP surgery to see). I was told by an advisor on here that a biopsys results are the most accurate, as a smear can only identify possible issues. 


I hope open this reassures you a bit. 



I had the same thing hun. Told me high grade changes query cancer until the lletz when it came out as cin1. I was so relieved. There I was thinking omg its cancer after they scared the crap outta me.  But alas lucky one.  I'm very nervous about my next smear in March just in case the same thing happens as before xxx

Thanks ladies! Hopefully I will recieve my latest results very soon and I will keep you posted! So glad I am not the only one that this has happened to, suppose I should be relieved that I was told the wrong info but in a good way! xx