First smear after Lletz

Hi, I am new to the forum and just wanted to reach out to people in a similar scenario or who have been through this already. Similar to other posts I have read - I am a bit of a worry pot and think I am driving myself (and my family) mental with all the google searches I have done.

In June 2019, I received my cervical smear results which showed low grade dysplasia and positive for HPV high risk. This was probably one of the scariest times in my life - I remember the doctor phoned me whilst I was at work and asked if I was somewhere private (this just brought the chills all over my body). At this time, words like "dysplasia" and "hpv" was all foreign to me. I had to book a seperate appointment with the doctor so she could explain all of this to me, as I was literally making myself sick from worry. My mom passed from cancer and I keep referring back to that in my mind which I know isn't right.

In August 19 I had my colposcopy which confirmed that I had CIN 2 and in September I had my Lletz procedure. The doctors and nurses were absolutely amazing and made me feel much better. Yesterday I went for my first follow up spear and am so worried about the results. Will the HPV be gone? Will there be more abnormal cells? (All questions running through my mind)

Is there anybody else going through the same or have already received their follow up smear results. I've read that the Leltz treatment in most cases is quite successful.



I am so sorry that you hare going through all of this.  It is very anxiety inducing.  You are correct in your reading.  The LLETZ has a very high success rate.  The numbers are on your side that your smear will be fine.  It it, of course, statistically possible that it will not be since a LLETZ is not a cure for HPV and it stays dormant in your body even if you are testing negative.  But the chances of that are slim, and it is really not worth your worry.  Try to distract yourself, and remember that on here you are going to see a bunch of people with bad results because we are not a random sampling of women--we are the unlucky few who got bad results and have all shown up here for support.  The vast majaority of people in your position get a good result and go on with life.


Sending positive thoughts your way!