First smear - abnormal results

I found this forum after researching about my smear results. After reading some posts i just want to say how unbelievably brave and courageous some of you are.

I went for my first smear and had my results this morning which showed I had mild abnormalities and would have to go back. I'm just worried as it was my first smear Im thinking how long have I had these! What are they? What is going to happen? Etc etc. Just wanted to ask if any other women had the same response and what it showed in their next check up.

Hope this doesn't come across as if I'm overreacting but would just like to put my mind at ease a bit.

Thanks in advance 

Ellie xxx

Hi Ellie, I recently had my second smear that showed up severe abnormalities after my first one 3 years ago was clear.  I'm no expert but have learned a lot about it all in the last few days!! Please don't be worrying about the mild abnormalities as these will not be doing any harm. It's good that they have found them so you are aware they are there and they can keep an eye on it. It is likely that they will go back to normal on their own as mild changes often do. It's when they are high grade that they need the treatment to get rid of them. If yours do ever progress to high grade - moderate or severe, they will remove them to prevent them becoming cancerous in the future. I wish that I had been aware of mine before they progressed to severe but somehow mine went from clear to severe within 3 years!! I have been really worried since I found out but I had my treatment yesterday and am hoping for the best now.  The nurses are wonderful and reassuring. If you have more detailed questions I would advise contacting the helpline or message service on here as they have answered my questions brilliantly xx

Perfectly normal to be concerned, not over reacting at all. It's pretty scary and confusing when your first smear comes back abnormal. I pretty much echo everything coribec says though, mild changes usually go back to normal on their own but it's good that you know because they can keep an eye on you. Xxx

Thanks for your reply. I'm a bit of a worrier and feel a lot more reassured! I have to go back in 6 months but just seems a long time to wait! 

I hope your treatment went well! Sending lots of positive thoughts :)

Ellie xx

Thank you :) I know what you mean...I am a massive worrier!! And I'd have bee the same even if mine had said mild changes too. It's just something you never expect to hear and feels a bit surreal when it's you xxx