first smear abnormal results so scared

Hi girls

I had my first smear test done a few weeks ago (im 24) and received a letter yesterday saying i have to go for a colposcopy as it detected high grade dyskaryosis. I am really confused about the high grade bit as i see some other people had moderate.. can anyone tell me if this is included in all letters or if high grade means worse? 

So scared and couldnt stop crying last night even though i know it can be quite common to have abnormal results and thinking of the worse like not being able to have children

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks xx

Hi Sarah,

Please try not to worry yourself too much, this is really common and very unlikely to lead to you being unable to have children. Yes, High Grade Dyskariosis is more serious than Moderate Dyskariosis so you will probably be given some treatment for it, which is likely to be a LLETZ procedure. In the vast majority of cases this cures the problem and you are back to normal in just a few short weeks so try not to jump the gun and imagine the worst.

Be lucky :-)



Hi Sarah,


Sorry to hear that you’ve received that dreaded letter. I received the same one just a couple of months ago so I know all too well the panic you’ll be experiencing. High grade changes actually covers both moderate and severe results so they may in fact be moderate. My letter said high grade changes and I’ve since found out the smear indicated severe changes but after receiving my results following treatment, my cells were only moderate therefore can be “downgraded” anyway. What you’re going through is not particularly unusual and although it can feel like a lonely place, there are many many women dealing with the same results….The purpose of smears are to detect early changes to stop them from becoming more serious (if they ever even get to this stage).


Have you had your colposcopy appointment letter through? Hope you don’t have to wait too long. Once I’d seen the nurse colposcopist and had my treatment I did feel much better. J


Thanks for your replies.

Yes it is Wednesday so don't have to wait too long thankfully!

If I do have to have that loop treatment, do they put the injection in your cervix to numb it? I am terrified of injections (bit of a baby!)


Glad you’ve not got too long to wait. Yes, unfortunately they do inject your cervix but I promise you it’s really not bad….You can’t see the needle because of the position you’re lying in and it just stings slightly for a second, it really is ok. Plus I was of the mind-set of “just do what it takes to get rid of those bl**dy cells” haha. Are you taking someone with you? My mum came with me and I just closed my eyes and squeezed her hand tight…It was over before I knew it and I’d built up in my mind that it was going to be horrific and it genuinely wasn’t. Even if you don’t have someone to go with, they will have a lovely nurse right next to you throughout. xx


I had the same thing this week. I was so worried about it and it actually wasn't as bad as I thought. They spray your cervix to numb it before the injection so I barely felt a thing - an injection at the dentist is a million times worse.


i had shaky legs and was a bit weepy afterwards which is apparently normal.

mine was a few days ago and I have had a watery discharge which is fine but a bit gross. No bleeding. I was quite sore the day of and day after (like bad period pain). suggest you get a hot water bottle - I wish I had had one especially as you aren't allowes a bath after the treatment for a few weeks.

tbh the worst part has been waiting for the results to know if mine has been dealt with - a month feels like a cruel amount of time! 


Hope me it goes ok xxx

Oh no fingers crossed for you. Mine is in the morning do you think ill be okay to go back to work in the afternoon?

Hi Sarah,


I'd take the rest of the day off and maybe the day after too - you might feel a little drained and your tummy might be a bit tender. Just enjoy a day to put your feet up and have someone look after you.

hope it all goes well,

Lucy x

I would agree re taking the day off - I was a bit emotional afterwards which is partly physical/involuntary and probably just coz the whole experience is quite a big one emotionally.

I took the following day off too which I didn't NEED to do but glad I did. I was equally glad to get back to work and normality the day after that!

Suggest you stock up on biscuits, ibuprofen and invest in a hot water bottle.

Getting the LLETZ was not nearly as bad as I had built it up to be - i found getting root treatment at the dentist worse, both in terms of the procedure (LLETZ is SUPER quick) and the recovery afterwards. 

Hope it goes well, happy to chat if you want to 





Hugs hun. I was the same as you when I got my letter through, however after talking to friends I discovered that almost all of them had been through the same at some point. Good luck with your treatment x