First smear, abnormal results no more info

due to moving around I’ve had my first smear at the age of 34. I’ve had 0 symptoms of anything to make me get one - but I knew I ought to. It came back abnormal, however there is no additional info as to what they found as other people have had. Usually with this info I could feel more in control as to what to expect at the colposcopy and what they’re looking for/ what they’re going to do. But I’m really worried now as they havnt told me anything. Has anyone experienced this?


I didn’t have any information when I got my abnormal smear results just a letter that said I had severe changes that meant I had to go to colposcopy.

During colposcopy they’ll look at your cervix closely,apply a vinegar type liquid and iodine. This helps to show areas of abnormal cells. Often they will offer a “see and treat”. This means they’ll remove any abnormal cells at the time rather than having you come back. This can be by a Lletz or Leep procedure. Or they may just take a biopsy depending on what they think.

Remember your smear is a screening test and the colposcopy is diagnostic. So try not to panic yet.