First smear - abnormal + HPV


I had the results for my smear test yesterday, they were abnormal with moderate changes dyskaryosis tested positive for hpv. Have to have a colposcopy next week. I turn 25 in December so everything has been detected early. My mother has had stage three cervical cancer (touch wood is now okay) but understandably, I am really frightened. How concerned should I be about this ? The woman on the  phone when I booked the appointment said it may go by itself, but what do I need to prepare myself for

I feel everyone is trying to reassure me and keeps saying it will be okay, rather than letting me know what to expect. 

Thank you so much 

Hi, I can understand why you are feeling so scared, it's scary enough and that's without having your mum gone through it.  There is a lot of information on this site and i'll put the link at the bottom


cervical cancer is rare and usually moderate changes can be treated very successfully.  There are a lot of success stories on here where treatment was done in 1/2 appointments and no further treatment was necessary :)  Moderate changes are usually not cancerous

Let me know how you get on, will be thinking of you



Thank you for the reply and the link. I will keep you updated, fingers crossed with your results too ! 

I went for the colposcopy today. Was mild changes with HPV from my smear. She looked at my cervix and abnormal cells cover all of my cervix and thought that the bottom part would need treatment as was 2 or 3 rather than one. She took biopsies and told me that they needed to be certain as once they had taken parts of the cervix off they can't be put back on and given my age (24) they want to weigh up options as it could impact fertility. Have to wait up to four weeks to find out. I was a mess at the appointment, cried when I was putting my clothes back on, I felt the last biopsy she took ( she took three) and was just so emotional afterwards. It's taken me all by such a shock. And I really don't know what to expect now. 

I found out I had HPV high risk about 1 year ago. It was devestating to me, I thought I was going to die. I booked an appointment and went to see a gynae in town and he prescribed me Cervugid for 3 courses with break 7days after each cours and told me to come after I finished this treatment. After I followed this treatment I was scheduled again to repeat all medical tests. The results were better. My obgyn said to repeat the treatment again with 3 courses same schedule.


After 6 months of treatment and fears I am happy to say that the treatment worked and I’m completely cured of HPV