First smear.. Abnormal cells and HPV


Ive just received the results of my first smear Which shows mild dyskaryosis and HPV. I've been referred for colposcopy. I'm a little worried because the last year or so I've been back and forth from the doctors with pain, irregular bleeding and bleeding after sex. I kept getting told its hormonal. I know realistically it's unlikely to be anything but can help but worry. 

I'm confused too because I had my HPV vaccines when I was younger and yet my smear is positive for it! Wondering if anyone else has had this? 




The very same thing has happened to me today - had my first official smear last week, got a letter in the post today telling me that I have mild dyskariosis and a high-risk strain of HPV. I too had the vaccine when I was 17. I guess it just proves that they aren't the be all and end all of prevention! I'm feeling very nervous about it all. The research I've done this evening has made me feel a little better but it's now a three week wait until my appointment. Been having gynae problems of all sorts for years and now this... Just wish it would stop! :( I actually had my first smear test three years ago, but it was done due to stabbing pains that I was getting in my pelvic area. I know I didn't have HPV then as they tested for it, so at least I know it's been there less than three years...

Positive vibes for both of us I think. :)