First smear abnormal 25years old (children mentioned)


im quite new to this so bear with me :)

i got called last year for a smear test but didn't book the appointment until the 4th March. I had a pleasant experience and was told I'd get the results in about 8-10 days but can take up to 3 weeks. I got home from work today with a letter saying I had an abnormal smear result and I have an appointment on Monday the 23rd for a coloscopy. puld I be worried that I got an appointment booked for me so soon? I am so worried and thinking the worst. I have a 3 year old little boy and all I can think of that I won't be here to watch him grow. 


Id id be happy to hear everyone's experiences

Hi! Please try not to worry, that's pretty normal waiting times. I got my letter saying I had a colposcopy appointment the following week around 2 weeks after my smear. 


Having abnormal changes doesn't mean cancer :)  they don't exactly make it very clear in the letter. It is usually staged 'borderline', 'low grade' and 'high grade'  and even if it's high grade it just means they'd probably want to treat it now as it could lead to cancer in many years. 


I'm sure you'll be fine. Keep us updated! 

Thanks very much for your reply. It was just a shock when I got home to find that letter waiting for me! I have calmed down a little now but still quite anxious. I guess I'll just have to play the waiting game and I shall keep you posted. Hope your results from your biopsy are all good :) x

Hi ;)

Don't worry, I was in the same boat, got called for my first smear in September. Received my results exactly a week later accompanied by an appointment for the following week.

I think it's normal practice for them to be quick with appointments because they don't really know what they ate dealing with until you've had your colposcopy. All my other results have taken weeks and weeks except the smear ones. Like I said try not to worry.

Best of luck

Louise x

Hi Louise

thanks for your kind words, feel a little better today but just been working out that I am due on my period at the weekend, so I hope it doesn't come as my appointment is in the Monday. Not sure what happens if I do but I guess I'll have to cross that bridge if I come to it! I just want it over and done with. I feel like I can't enjoy my days as I could have something nasty lurking inside! 


Hi Emma,  

I was exactly the same as you and thinking about not seeing my daughter grow up etc. 

It is good your appointment has come through quickly. I know it may not feel like it and may make you panic but it's less waiting for you. Before you know it, you will be able to put this all down to experience.

I can't advise in relation to your period. i had my colposcopy and lletz on Wednesday but I am on the pill so would have carried on had I been due a period then. I was also the same about getting it over with. When the consultant said they were doing the treatment there and then I was so please. Weird I know but one less thing to worry about!!

Good luck for Monday. 



Hi DB12

thank you for replying to me. It's nice to hear other peoples experiences, I'm hoping my period will hold off as it's never been regular! How did you find your experience? can they give you an idea of any news when you've had it done? Or do I have to wait for the results?

Thanks Emma x

Hi Emma,

it wasn't the most pleasant of experiences but definitely worth it if it stops anything worse from happening. It was also not as bad as I had worked myself up for it to be!! 

i think I was unlucky in it wasn't quite as straightforward and took a little longer but even after this and after only a couple of days I am ok. 

To be honest, I am a little confused about what my results will be but I think that is me panicking and thinking the worst!! My lletz was offered there and then as the abnormalities were clear. I was glad to get it over with. The consultant wasn't overly concerned after, even with the hiccups I had. From what I have read some people do find out on the day. I don't think mine was anything worse then pre cancerous but I was told that large biopsies were taken as a large area was affected. 

Try not to worry too much. I had a nurse at my head end!! She was lovely and kept my mind of things talking about my daughter. 

It will be fine, I am sure. The procedure is there to help us even if we are a little scared beforehand!!

Good Luck




Thank you Dawn. I hope you get the all clear :)

ive been googling and you tubing tonight which I really wish I hadn't but curiosity got the better of me! It seems quite common for ladies to experience this but if it's something you've never come across before it can be really scary And daunting! 

i will try and relax and enjoy the weekend. As my boyfriend said there's nothing I can do about it anyway and just have to sit tight until Monday!

let us know how you get on with your results and I shall update you all with mine :)

Emma x

I did the whole You tube thing too. Not a good idea!! It's better not knowing what is going on down there!! 

Your boyfriend is right. Enjoy your weekend and try not to think about it. I know that is easier said than done!! 

Sure all will be fine Monday. I will keep you posted on my results and will wait to hear your update.



Thanks Dawn you've been a great help. I'll will update you on Monday with how I got on

Thanks again 

Emma x

Hi Emma

I had mine done yesterday and it was fine no pain slightly undignified but it didn't matter. I have just posted an update if you want to read. I was terrified too as the hospital rang me to book appointment in two days which made me think I had cc which made me feel sick especially now I have a baby and spent all night on google scaring myself silly. Good luck Monday xx

Hi Graceland

Thank you for your advice and kind words. The only thing that I wonder is that on my letter it didn't say if it was HPV or if it was borderline etc just said I had abnornal results so going in the appointment quite blind as I don't know what I am dealing with, obviously dearing the worst as they have booked me a colposcopy. So i don't know what to expect really. Just have moments of anxiety and panic.

Emma x

Hi Emma sorry for the late reply!

Don't worry if youcome on. I delayed my first appointment for lletz because I was bleeding. I was sent another appointment but I was still bleeding, turns out I bled for a total of 43 days straight!so the nurse told me to turn up and let them look first. They never even mentioned the bleeding they just got straight on with it! Good luck for tomorrow xx

Thank you

its held off until now so hopefully it will stay that way until tomorrow!

nerves are kicking in now. So scared they will find something :( appointment isn't until 4.10pm which is rubbish! 

Just keep looking at my little boy wanting to burst into tears :(


Hi Emma,

Just wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow. My appointment last week wasn't until the afternoon so I tried to keep myself busy in the morning going food shopping etc. Anything to take my mind off of it. Didn't work completely but I think it helped. 

Just think, this time tomorrow it will all be done. 

Good luck. Let us know how you get on.




I will do dawn thank you. Got to sort my little boy out in the morning for nursery then wanted to go to work for a couple of hours to keep my mind off things. 

will keep you all posted thank you all for your help in this strange time

Emma x

Hi girls

Had my colposcopy it was over and done with very quickly and I felt no pain which is good. 

They found a large area of abnormal cells so they are going to give me general anesthetic to get rid of it all. I don't know what to think. The appoinwnt got though as urgent so I don't have a date yet but that's just worrying me more. do I have cancer if it's urgent? I kind of zoned out. I had my mum with me but I think she was in shock too

Thanks Emma 

Hi Emma, it's not as bad as you expect is it? No it most definitely does NOT mean you have cancer. They will be doing a GA due to the size of the affected area. I'm guessing it's CIN 3 if it's a big area? I'm surprised I didn't have GA as when I looked at what they removed it was about the size of a £2 coin! I'm sure they would have said something if they suspected cc. I also have something called smile which is another term for cgin which means my abnormal cells are in the glands amd further up in the canal instead of just confined to the cervix. I was terrified the same as you but I'm all clear now! Please don't think because they are rushing you through that your going to get bad news. I know it's easier said than done. Lots of women have GA and they turn our fine! Stay positive and keep telling yourself that your in the 'system' now and getting the treatment you need!

Louise x


he never mentioned d what grade CIN it was so I don't really know. I don't know if I feel better or worse? I just don't know what to think. Do I have cancer don't I have cancer will I have a problem with this all my life? Why was it urgent? If I had booked my smear soonet could I have avoided this??!

so many questions I have floating around in my head. If I don't have cancer what do I have? I just don't know how to deal with this really. 

Emma x