First sex after surgery

Hi everyone, 

In the last week I've slept with a new partner and it's the first sex I've had since having a radical hysterectomy in March. It feels different when I'm being entered - there definitely isn't as much room in there as before so it's sore but doesn't feel so extreme as to call it pain. It settles down after a few minutes and is then all good. However, last night when my partner withdrew there was a hue of blood in the aftermath which is a little concerning (my only symptom Pre diagnosis was bleeding after sex but that was bright red blood and quite a bit of it).

Anyone else had this experience when getting back to sex for the first few times? Am thinking it could be scar tissue being aggravated? I have a follow up 2 weeks today so will mention it there, just not sure whether to speak to one of the CNS before then. I hate that this kind of stuff sends you to worst case scenario central.



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Hi Emma

Congrats on this major step forwards in your recovery!

I just had my first check up at 4months and apparently everything is fine, although I am getting occasional sharp stabbing pains inside my pelvis, for no apparent reason, which they don't seem too bothered about at all :-/

The only symptom they seem interested in discussing in any detail is whether there's been any post coital bleeding including blood stained discharge, which fortunately I havent had, although we are a lot "gentler" now than we used to be.... 

You've probably read about granulation tissue etc and it could well be that? I would mention it to your CNS and see what she makes of it. Just talking to my CNS is usually very calming and helps me put in perspective, they deal with these situations day in and day out. Better to make a quick phone call than spend the next 2 weeks worrying about it? 

All the best with your check up, 


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Hi Feelingthefear, 

I did email the CNS team in the end and they said it's really common after this kind of surgery. They also said they're happy to see me in 2 weeks as planned rather than have me go in any sooner. I haven't read about granulation tissue so will look that up.

I'm fortunate that there's absolutely no pressure from my partner but I just don't want anything to get in the way of having a decent sex life to be honest. After everything you'd at least think we could have a bit of uncomplicated pleasure!


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Typically speaking, outpatient (ambulatory) surgery tends to require less healing time, so it may be safe to have sex within a couple of days or a week. On the other hand, inpatient surgery tends to be more extensive than outpatient surgery, so resuming sexual activities may mean you need to wait for a few or multiple weeks.

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