First scan after treatment

I've been reading the posts in this thread and it seems that most ladies wait for three months after treatment finishes before they have their first scan.  I finished at the beginning of April - chemo/radiotherapy/brachytherapy for cc stage 2B - but my first scan is not until the beginning of August which is four months.  The waiting is really getting to me.  Has anyone else had to wait for four months?

I had to wait at least  16 weeks 2 mine on 17 th July 

Thank you, Helpme.  At least now I know that I'm not the only one.  I just have to try to keep my mind off it if I can.  Thanks for replying.  I hope your scan goes well on 17th July.  Will be thinking of you.


Thanks  i know  wat u mean  it seems like forever  to wait  4 a scan  my  treatment  finished  on  9 th March so  think it just  over  16 weeks when i have  my scan  thinking  of u xx


i waited awhile too. I had finished sept 6 and didn't get a scan unti Jan then had to wait another couple of weeks for results as my dr was on holidays. Totally sucks. But, sometimes scanning too early can give a wrong impression. Such as tissue still healing and such. Good luck. Keep busy. 

Thank you, Lolli.  Yes, it does suck.  The only way to really deal with it, is to try to put it out of mind.  Not always easy.  I am keeping as busy as I can which is helping.

Hi Helpme,

I will be thinking about you up untill the 17thth and sending positive thoughts.  Please let us know how you get on.  I am due to finish my treatment next week and then its my turn for the waiting game



suzy xx

I certainly  will do getting  so scared now