First radiotherapy on Monday, then 5 weeks to go!!


Well I've been scanned, injected, pocked and pulled and now the time has come for my treatment to start. Having 5 and a half weeks of radiotherapy and one day a week chemo, its an odd feeling as I'm finally at the point that its being dealt with. I have to say that over the last 6 weeks the worry was more than what I'm going to face on Monday, not knowing what stage you are?, has it spread?, and the constant waiting between scans. First radiotherapy on Monday, then chemo on a Monday then every Tuesday after that, starting to worry just a tad guess I'll be less anxious after my first one so I have an idea what will happen each day, I'm stage 2b, got my E45 and SIMPLE bath stuff at the ready, any words of wisdom would be great, know I'm not alone, thanks ladies!!!. Caroline

Good luck Caroline! I start a week after you. Let me know how u get on!! 

Big hugs



Hi Caroline

Firstly - good luck on Monday.  I was like you - worried like mad, but once the first treatment had happened I relaxed.   E45 and Simple are a great start, also lemonade for drinking is great.

If you have any questions - please ask all you like.  I was also 2B ....

All the best and remember to take one day at a time, and listen to your body.....

6 weeks will fly by ....


Thanks for advice, will keep you updated.x