First Punch Biopsy

Hi ladies, 

I had the first pap smear to give me an abnormal result, and last friday I had a cervical punch biopsy (with one of those biopsy forseps). Im trying to not freak out until i get the results, but thats sometimes hard. I am right now trying to just focus on healing properly, but I did have a few questions. 

Its only been 3 days since, Ive had some light bleeding, some light cramping and a bit of brown discharge the first day which I expected, and havent had any since but I do seem to have like a watery clear discharge which has an almost metallic/coppery smell. Not bad, just odd and fairly strong. I was just wondering if that is normal and for how long I should be expecting it... Also if theres anything I can to make the smell go away. I just miss my old smell, I feel like I smell like hospital now. 

I was also wondering when I can go back to do exercise, and have sex? (Although ive got to admit, this metal smell is not sexy) 

If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it, Ive google about everything - but I think I rather hear people with first hand experience in this. 

~thank you Wink

I think they advise to hold off sex and tampons for 1-2 weeks as your cervix is still healing.. 


I had my second punch biopsy on Tuesday and still have some light discharge, anything after a few days I'd call your doctor. My nurse advised that if your bleeding was more than a period you should contact them 


Hope that helps..!