First post

Hi, am new on forum, after spending some time lurking about the site looking for info! Yesterday I had 4th Colposcopy under GA. The first 1st was years ago, I had a biospy and was then left alone, 2nd years later (2020) they treated with Lletz, (which I did not enjoy!), then after another dodgy smear, had another in August but couldn’t see my Cervix as closed, because of Lletz apparently, and I am so nervous about it all now, after the Lletz that he could barely get in the first place :rofl:, so ended up yesterday having a colposcopy and biopsy under General Anaesthetic, which is far less traumatic! So far all I know is Def HPV still, Acetowhite area seen on endocervix (whatever that means), although not all of TZ was seen. So presumably I’ll be back again shortly!

How many times can they Lletz you before more drastic measures are taken?