First post treatment CT

Getting results from first post treatment CT tomorrow. 5 months since hysterectomy for stage 1a2 cc. So nervous!

Not long to wait! Hope everything is clear and it’s good news for you - then celebrations will be in order! X

Good luck! I’m sure all will be fine :heart:

Gosh I really hope so! I won’t sleep much tonight. There’s no reason why everything shouldn’t be clear but there’s always that risk! Hate the waiting x

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Good luck for tomorrow. Can I ask… I’m day 18 post op for full hysterectomy.
I was grade cin 4 at my last treatment and I’m awaiting the biopsy of the hysterectomy.
Is this when you found out? Or did you know prior ? Xx

I found out 7 weeks post hysterectomy. Was a complete shock. I had hysterectomy for abnormal cells in my womb. I’m 53 so they decided to do a hysterectomy with ovary and cervix removal too. It was a completely unexpected finding. I’d always kept up with smears too!

Oh I’m so sorry. That’s got to be the worst feeling. In my head I knew I needed this for about 5 years now. Not sure if I’m in denial or not but kinda feeling confident about the biopsy- but then I feel that may jinx it too. Such an unexpected situation to be in isnt it? My thoughts are with you at this time xx