First post treatment check-up today

I had my MRI last week and went in today for my 1st post treatment check-up.

There's no sign of cancer and everything else is absoluetly fine! I'm so relieved! I feel great and I'm back at work.  :)

I just need to keep reminding myself to use the dilators as I've been really bad at forgetting them. :/


Next check-up is in April.


Love & Hugs


Megsmaw xx

Great news Hunni xx


Nice to see you back here :-)

Be lucky


Great news x x

Thanks Ladies!  :)


Everyone I've spoken to on here have been great! You have all been a tremendous source of reassurance and support over the last few months.

Thank you all for helping me get through it.  Now I need to take it one check-up at a time.  :)


Loads of Love & Hugs

Megsmaw xx

Great news xx

Thats great new's.Thanks for sharing

Take care X

Fantastic :) xx