First post. Scared stiff

Up until a few years ago I had regular screening but after my last test in June 09 (normal result) I didn't go back again.

Not sure why I didn't go back but I guess I was stupid. I had a late misscarriage in Aug 10 and another in Feb 11, whilst

in hospital to delivery my baby they discovered I had a polyp and due to complications that arose during the delivery they 

removed the polyp whilst I was in theatre. Anyway, when I came round they explained what had happened etc.. and advised 

I attended my next smear.. Now that is the thing.. I didn't go, I put it to the back of my mind and left it at that. Last month

I attended my med review and the nurse pointed out that I hadn't had my smear and I needed to have it done so I waited

until the right time in my cycle and I attended this morning! Now what has me worrying is I began bleeding the other day 

so I googled and it came up with cervical cancer and its symptoms - and now I can't help but think every ache or pain is it. 

This morning at my appointment the nurse struggled to find my cervix, in the end I had to lie on my side and cock my leg

up so she could get to it. It hurt and I am now bleeding and as you can imagine thinking the worse. I have 6 children and

really don't want to leave them without a mother especially because of my stupidity Frown


Please don't beat yourself up regarding your smears,you should have gone,but you didn't.

Sometimes life gets in the way of things.Been a Mum to 6 children must mean you put

yourself last in lots of way's.I am not a Mum but all my friends have children and I know

it's full on.So,you are not stupid....OK X

I went to all my smears,they always came back fine so.....Just one of those things.

I would have thought if they had found anything when the polyp was removed it would have been

diagnosed there and then.

Also if it does turn out to be anything there are many, many different way's to treat it.Everybody

and every case is different.

I understand your fear,we all have it it's perfectly normal.

Hopefully all will be fine and no harm done.If you need to chat Jo's is a great place to come.

I am sure other ladies will be here soon to put your mind at ease.

In the mean time I know its not easy but try and put it out of your mind.


It only freaks you out and until you know what you are dealing with it's too random.

I know I've done it LOL!

Take care

Becky x


Could it be another polyp as they can cause bleeding?

There are many explanations as to what it could be so please don't think the worst! 

Best wishes x

The ladies are right. I went to all my smears and i had no symptoms. Don't beat yourself up about what could have been its a waste of your energy. And don't Google. There is so much random information out there you will just scare yourself. Concentrate on having a lovely time with your cvhildtren. Keep yourself occupied until you find out what's what. If it is a worry the nurse will get back to you pretty quickly and you will know what you are dealing with. Good luck. Bet you are an amazing mum. 6 kids! Respect x

Hi ladies and thank you.

Waiting game now for the results, only been 4 days so not expecting them for a while yet but its true what they say, waiting is the worst. 

Will update when I hear anything