First post, flooding and clots following lletz procedure

Hi everyone.

This is my first post. I have been reading and lurking for some time, but haven't found anything quite the same as my situation.


I'll try keep the history breif.

Had my first smear Feb this year (few months early as I didn't turn 25 until April). Borderline changes so went for colposcopy.

I was discussed at their MDT meeting as they weren't sure whether to conservatively manage me with the CIN2 changes or whether to treat. They decided to treat with diathermy loop.

Marina coil removed for treatment and new one implanted.

Watery discharge for 10 days, then bleeding for about 3-4 weeks. I found online that this can be normal as that is about when the scab comes away.


Repeat smear 6 months later shows moderate changes. As these were more severe than last time they decide I will go straight for treatment.

Diathermy loop again on 31st Oct. Marina out, new one in.

Watery discharge for 10 days, then bleeding...

Last Thursday (exactly 3 weeks post treatment) I experienced extreme 'flooding'.

Whilst I was out I felt a lot of blood, it went through the pad I was weaaring, through my underwear, and through my jeans! I sat on a towel in the car to go home and it went through that too!


I went to A&E where the doctor did an examination and said there were some clots which she removed (as these can encourage the bleeding - I thought they would stop it but she obviously knew best). I had bloods taken and a canula put in in case I needed a transfusion after losing so much blood.

It was late so I was admitted to the ward waiting for repeat blood test in the morning and for the consultant to see me.

The bleeding continued through the night which they monitored.

*Graphic part coming up*

So whilst eating my breakfast I got the urge to open my bowels. I went to the toilet and bared down. A clot came out the size of my fist! Turns out I didn't need a poo as I now felt much better. The nursing staff were very concerned and called the consultant to come sooner. They thought it was a foetus and quickly checked I'd had a pregnancy tesr when I came in.


The consultant didn't seem concerned that it was a foetus and said that she would do an internaal examination on my in the next 30 mins.

So I was taken to the outpatient's department where she did the exam. She said she was looking for a specific point of bleeding that she could put a stitch in. She couldn't find one, she said there was just an all over ooze and used silver nitrate to stop it. She said there was still a clot in there but she didn't want to disturb it.


As they couldn't find a point of bleeding, and therefore, no real cause for my trouble. They said it was probably an infection due to the extent of the treatment and I was discharge that day with antibiotics and told the bleeding should calm down and stop.


However, the bleeding/discharge has now changed. That day and the following (yesterday) it was a dark red / brown and I thought 'hooray, this is the end' but today it's gone back to bright red (as it was in the run up to the flooding), but instead of watery, it's more mucus-like, with a tint of orange. Could this be as a result of the silver nitrate maybe?


Has this happened to anyone else??? xxx

I'm really sorry I can't offer any experience or knowledge of what your going through but didn't want to read & not reply when you've clearly been through the mill! 

Are you able to go to your GP tomorrw If still the same?  If not I'd go back to the hospital you were admitted to. 

I really do hope you can get sorted & have abit of peace in your life soon 


Hiya hun, sorry to hear what you have been through, thursday evening i was the same, i had to get up in the night to change 3 times, during the day i was changing so often aswell, all bright red with some clots,  i went into a an e friday as thats what i was told to do when phoning nhs, by this time it had slowed down a little, she basically just said to me its an infection heres some antibiotics, i could have stayed to monitor bleeding but as it slowed down i just wanted to get home, yesterday and today its been dark and lumpy.. Going to give it a few more days to stop then get checked to see infection has cleared up. 


Best thing about it is.. I haven't had treatment yet, only had my colposcopy and my biopsys so god knows why i picked up an infection!so i cant answer on the silver nitrate, i would give them a ring tomorrow and ask hun, hope it clear's up soon x x x