First period following LLETZ

Hi there,

This is my first post but this forum has really helped following my diagnosis of high grade diskaryosis etc.

A bit of history: I went to see the nurse at my GP following months of painful sex and she did STI tests etc (all negative) and decided to do my smear while I was there as it was due. The smear came back with high grade diskaryosis and I went in for a colposcopy. The doctor said my cervix was very thin and "looked like that of an 80 year old" (thanks!) and took some biopsies. The biopsies came back negative so I had to go in for my repeat smear 2 months later. Once again, the smear showed high grade diskaryosis even though the biopsies had been clear. So I was scheduled in for a LLETZ, which I had.

About a week after my LLETZ, my period started and is now entering it's fourth week. My periods normally last 4 or 5 days, but I've been bleeding for about 23 days now. There was no bleeding yesterday so my partner and I fooled around a bit, and then today, I'm bleeding heavily again.

Funnily enough I got my results of my LLETZ in the post this morning that said I showed no malignancy but the sample was 'thermal damaged' so they couldn't check for CIN and could I go back in 6 months. 

Basically I'm just wondering if bleeding for this long is normal? Is it possible that it's part period/part healing? I'm still getting waves of cramping like immediately after the LLETZ too. Also, should I be concerned that my sample was thermal damaged? If they don't know if I have CIN3, shouldn't they want to see me earlier than 6 months?

I don't know... I'm not tearing my hair out worried about stuff, just taking it in my stride, but I'd like to know anybody else's experiences during their first period following LLETZ, and whether anybody else's samples were 'damaged'....

Thanks! :)


Not sure I'm any use to you atal as I haven't had the Lletz treatment but I have seen other women in here say they bled lightly for around 4 weeks afterwards. Iv also seen an infection after the Lletz seems quite common aswel. But you could always contact your GP to ask advice if your worried. Also don't quite me as I may be wrong and an new to all if this myself but I think the reasoning behind having to wait the 6 months is if you re-test before the cervix has had chance to heal otherwise you could get a false abnormal reading. 

Maybe just give your doctor a quick ring on Monday and see what they have to say.
I'm sure somebody who has been through what you have will be along soon with some first hand advice for you. 


I had a LLETZ and bled for just over 3 weeks in the end, this was because I had an infection. It may be worth a visit to your GP to have it checked out. I was given an advice leaflet after the procedure which said -Rest of rthe rest of the day, avoid excessive exercise for the next 2-4 weeks, it advisable to obstain from intercourse for the next 4 weeks, Tampons shouldnot be used for the next 4 weeks

Its so easy to get carried away and perhaps do more than you should- I was certainly like that after mine. I felt ok in myself and because it is all internal I kind of forgot about it & did lots of walking which I now know I shouldn't have done as this made the bleeding worse. It could be perhaps that you have aggrevated it slightly or perhaps have an infection. I'd see a GP just to be completely sure

All the best x

Thanks for the advice! I guess I'll give the GP a call on Monday. Ugh, so frustrating. It's not like I've been running marathons or anything, just going to work and getting on with life...


I bled and began to smell so bad that after 6 days I gave into fears and went to drs. I had an infection and was given antibiotics. After a few days smell had gone and bleeding went darker/not as heavy then stopped. So it may be you have a non-smelly infection! Worth a GP visit to ask on Monday dons x

I had the bloody discharge for a few days, then came on my period a week early (the doctor said this would probably happen) and then because I'm on the pill, when I took the week break I came on again so effectively had a 2 week period. It was very annoying as it was summer and I felt uncomfortable in skirts / light coloured clothing as I had to wear the dreaded pads!