First period after LLETZ

Hi all,

I had the LLETZ procedure just over 4 weeks ago for CIN3. Up until my first period, the recovery had been plain sailing but now that I have had my period (last week) things seem to have gone downhill. I had the expected heavier bleeding but also three days into my period I developed a crippling headache which eventually lead to me being sick multiple times. 8 days later I still have this horrendous headache without the sickness which is constant and has resulted in me taking a week sick leave from work. 

i have been to see two GPs who believe it may be viral / migraine and do not believe it to be related to the LLETZ. I've never suffered with a migraine before so it does feel somewhat coincidental to me that this has developed during my recovery, and particularly in my first period. All OTC Medicine and Naproxen have not helped, and whilst a migraine tablet did relieve it for a few hours it was soon back but more like a tension headache. I'm really hoping it goes soon as its really getting me down. 

i was wondering if anyone else has suffered from these chronic headaches post lletz?

Hi Lemonpie, I had trouble with my period  for about a year after LLETZ. I also had all kind of side effects that effected me long-term. I didn't have headaches, but I wouldn't rule anything out, if you think it is LLETZ related then it may be. 

In my experience LLETZ effects hormones, and I know some women do get migraines before periods so it could be in some way related to that? 

I started a facebook support group for people with long term issues from LLETZ because I have been speaking to women who are having all kinds of different side effects that doctors always say aren't related to LLETZ. You are welcome to join if you like, just send me a pm. 

I hope this is just a short term thing, and your periods settle down as you heal!