First period after LLETZ - ovary pain?

Hi all,


I had my 2nd LLETZ 2 1/2 weeks ago and have just started my period. For starters it's about a week/ week and a half early, the period pain is normal but I have very intense pain in what appears to be ovary area. It's to the point that I'm doubled over. I thought maybe it was trapped wind but it was all yesterday, over night and this morning. Could this be to do with the LLETZ? Has anyone had this? 

Hi, my period pains have definitely intensified since my treatment particularly in the ovary area. My consultant isn't worried so I just have lots of painkillers on hand, codeine with ibuprofen helps x

Thanks for your reply. My period pains have gone now and the 'ovary pain' has gone too. So maybe it is to so with the LLETZ.