First period after biospy

Hey ladies excuse the tmi!!! I had my firat smear in jan recieved the resukts saying borederline and hugh risk hpv! which scared the hell out of me :( its madea me quite unwell for the weeka that have followed im very stressed out not myself... Keep thinking the Worst.. i had my biospy and colp few weeks back and am anxiously awaiting the results she said 4-6 weeks said my cervix looked imflammed but that it looked low grade changes. Ive had my first period post this which started friday Its been relatively light but just brown blood nothing red or a very very deep red. Ive had spotting broqn yesterday but today ive had red come out i thought ut had finished and my tummy and low pelvis ia hurting is this normal to have a wired period? Im so upset over all of this i cane off pill too so dont think that has helped so its also been my first period feom atopping the pill i just keep thinking i have cancer :( 

Sorry bad grammar im using my phone and not concentrating!!