First period after a biopsy?? Help please

Hi ladies,

So i had a biospy done on the 23rd February. Not sure what biopsy method they used as they never told me. I am still waiting for my results! I will apologise now for to much info but i started my first period yesterday just really light at first, but now its really heavy and i am in so much pain its unreal! Its not like my normal period sort of pain its more front and above my pubic bone. Normally my period pain is in my back or in the sides of my stomach. Also i am losing very big clots. Stretch and almost skin like! is this normal??

As i was told my period would be affected if i had treatment which i never had as they wanted to check my biopsy results first. So my question really is it normal to have periods that way after a biopsy? thanks ladies any help is really appreciated!! xx

Anybody at all?

Hi Kirzt

Sorry I didn't have a biopsy but my first leriod after LLETZ was different to normal. A bit more crampy than usual and slightly different flow. I did run 4 pill packs together so not entirely sure that wasn't responsible for the disruption! 

If you are worried about anything at all, do speak to your GP but it might just be your womb having a good clear out after being irritated by the biopsy process. 

Good luck with your results and hope you feel better soon



I am experiencing this same thing right now! It is very strange and like you said very painful and very heavy! 

Did you ever figure out why it was happening?



I know it's been awhile since anyone posted to this thread, but I just had to. Ugh I am going through this same thing right now. My biopsy was a week ago tomorrow and I started last night. This is the worst! My cramps are always centered in my lower back and the abdominal cramps, heavy flow and bloaty feeling are killing me right now! Anyone get answers on if this is normal?

I'm going through this now too. I had a colopscopy and 3 biopsies taken last Friday. It's now Wednesday and my period has started, and it's the most painful one I've ever had in my life. Ugh.

So I had a colpscopy and a biopsy on 8/16/18, I started my period on 8/27/18, since then I have went through 3 boxes of 36 super  absorbency tampons.( Normally days 1&2 are very light, day 3 is a little heavier , days 4-5 are heavy and day 6-7 light... Normal cycle i use 2 boxes of regulars & halfhbox of supers) alf  it's been non stop heavy since I started.. huge blood clots and stabbing sensation in my vagina accompanied with stabbing, cutting sensations going up both sides of abdominal area. Can seem to figure out what is going on? Could this be related to the colscopy & biospy

Wow I was reading you post @M Wilson and I had mine done on the same date 8/16/18 and my period start 8/27/18 also the same and it’s horrible. The doctor never told me that my period would be this bad! 

I had my emb and hsc about 2 weeks ago. On Thursday  I started to cramp really bad and today my period started with a vengeance. I am cramping nonstop and bleeding really heavy.. .Is this  normal? 

Sorry to here this. ..I had the same two procedures about two weeks ago and my period just started and I am in terrible pain with heavy bleeding.  How long did you bleed? 

Just had a second biopsy done this past Thursday but it was done on the uterus itself. Omg it was the worse pain ever.. 

The last one results came back negative for cervical cancer... Having same issues i was before the biopsy so now waiting on second set or results... 

I bled for 7 days... 

Hi, I know it's been several years as now 2019, but just found your post.  Wish I'd found it sooner!

I had a Pipelle Biopsy and current period is the worst I've ever had in my entire life!  Horrid cramping,  massive blood loss,  loads of big tissue, jelly like clots... it's gross!

Wish I'd been made aware what to possibly expect!  So, for any other women out there I hope you find this sooner rather than later and know that you're not alone! 

Hi. I'm from the U.S. I had a colposcopy and biopsy Dec 2018. My next period was in January 2019 and it was so heavy (a heavier period than normal- and heavy for me IS normal, since I was way younger). So heavy, that I actually had a leak at work. I normally stuff myself with toilet paper and use a heavy duty pad and I leaked through that.  Here we are 1.5 years later and my periods are still VERY heavy. It's unreal. I mentioned this to my gyno and she said that was not a known side-effect of colposcopies, but I honestly believe that it is (maybe not for everyone, but for some). I now use the super thick pads and those fill rather quickly as well. My first 3 days, I sit and I can just feel a gush come out. It's really awful. 

I know this post is old, but I wanted to share my experience here for anyone who may be looking for it in the future (like I was when I found this post). For reference, I am currently 32, and weigh about 180 lbs. 

My periods are late

On 22 jan my biopsy done.. After that on feb 1 & 2 i got my periods today is march 8 but my periods not came yet..iam extremely worried..all the time passing urnine and period pains and because of no periods my life is very restless.. Please if anyone is going or went through the same ..kindly help me... I really dont know what to do..   :(