first oncology visit post treatment

Hi everyone, hope you are good.

I saw my oncologist for first appointmemnt post treatment for cc.  He told me he could not see or felel my cervix due to it being pulled up due to scar tissue

He examed by back passage and could still feel ?tumour.  I have an MRI within two weeks then see the surgeon.


I asked him if any cancer cells could have escaped to other area via the lymphatic system as i had sever nodes within the pelvis that showed to have cancer cells upon PET scan, he told me nothats why the did radiation to the peri ortic nodes.  

I am still worried aboutthis and the MRI scan is only the pelvic area.

What do you ladies think, anyone had an experience where cancer cells have escaped prior to treatment into other areas.

I was/am grade 3 stage 2b.  it was 6 weeks to treatment post pet scan.  could any cells have escaped from nodes during this 6 weeks.  I have a very aggressive  fast growing cancer.


Thanks ladies



Hi suyhart

when I had my first post treatment scan at three months it did show a lot of scar tissue and when I was examined my dr had a hard time finding my cervix as it was pulled up and was very hard. He decided to wait and see as sometimes there can be a lot of scar tissue that causes a hard lump. My six months scan was much more clear and there was a lot less mass from the scar tissue. He also did a back exam on both appointments and could feel the lump from the scar tissue. This has dissapeared now 1year post treatment. It may be just scar tissue and the MRI will give them a much better idea of what they feel is either the tumour or scar tissue  

Dont panic just yet!

it could very well be just hard tissue that will heal up. 

I don't think he is worried about the lymphnodes as even if a cell did escape the field of radiation it would be too early to show up on a scan. 

The appointment with the surgeon is just protocol. the radiation dr cannot give you more radiation so he is setting up another avenue of treatment if indeed it does turn out to be the tumour. 

Many clinics hesitate to scan at the three months because of this exact issue but it does indeed give a picture of what you will look like following treatment. 

Do stay positive and have trust that the radiation is still doing its thing. In fact it's not until about 5-8 months that the body goes from still changing to healing. This is when most people will start to feel things that are symptoms from the treatment such as neuropathy. 

Im sending the most positive vibes your way!!!

do let us know how it goes. We are all here for you.