First noticeable symptoms

Hi I'm a newbie here☺️,I just wanted to ask what was peoples first symptoms or signs they new something was wrong with there selfs?cathe Cath

Nothing. Other than heavy bleeding..I had some slightly unusual discharge but nothing major. 

Diagnosed 2b in October. 

It seems to be one of those insidious, sneaky little bas*ard cancers that doesn't have many symptoms or markers.



I've just been diagnosed last Wednesday.. my MRI isn't until this Wednesday.. should I be worried? will it have spread in this time? im just extremely worried they haven't caught it in time.. thank you ladies xxxx

Hi - I’m also new to this, but everything I’ve read indicates that it’s typically a very slow growing cancer in most cases, so a couple of weeks shouldn’t be physically significant. The hard part  for now is waiting for answers, rather than any incremental physical risk. Staying occupied and leaning on friends for support during the waiting period had been really helpful for me - best of luck to you!