First lletz today

Hi girls, I had my first lletz today and had scared myself stupid by reading things online, people saying it’s worse than labour etc… please don’t be scared to go, id had biopsies done at my fist appointment and they hurt a lot more than the lletz did. The injection was the worst part but it was only a few seconds of stinging and then your heart beats very quick which feels strange but I didn’t feel them burn away at all. It was over in 5 minutes the whole procedure. I have mild period cramps now but I managed a Nando’s after I had it done so couldn’t of been that bad haha. Good luck for all you others going for it. :relaxed:. X

Hi lozzye89,

I am booked in for my first lletz on Monday and have done the same reading too much and also came across posts with the worse than labour comments. 

Feel better after reading this thank you :)