First lletz and ttc

Hi all, I'm so worried. I habe an lletz booked in tomorrow. My partner and I are ttc, I just wondered if anyone has successfully become preflgnant after with no complications. In addition has anyone found out after that tjey were pregnant at time of treatment and it's effected the pregnancy. 

I'm scared it will hurt, I'm scared they will do something wrong and make me infertile . I'm scared of everything today. I've had cancer once and I can deal with it but I can't deal with someone telling me I can never habe another child.


Sorry if this message seems mad I'm in a state of panic I think xx

Hi Lucy,

I am sorry to hear you have been really worried. It sounds like you have already been through quite a lot. I want you to know we are sending you our thoughts. 

I hope your LLETZ went well, and you were able to get your questions addressed by your colposcopist. 

LLETZ doesn't affect someones chances of getting pregnant, but does carry a small risk of preterm labour,  depending on how much of the cervix they remove. Your colposcopy team will be the best people to talk through your individual situation, so if you have any concerns please do ring them back. 

You can read more about LLETZ and the side effects on our website here:

You might also benefit from our blog, 'LLETZ what to expect afterwards':

If you still had some questions please do use our Ask the Expert service where you can submit medical questions that will answered by one of our medical panellist who have the expertise to answer your question. The service is completely confidential. 

I hope that has helped you a bit. Also know our Helpline is also availble to you should you wish for a listening ear, or someone to talk to. The number is 0808 802 8000. 

Sending you my very best wishes,