First HPV Positive No Cell Changes

Hi ive new to this forum, and have just had the dreaded letter with HPV Positive but No Cell Changes.

Ive been with my partner for 3 years and we dont use protection i came off the pill over 2 years ago and also my partner has had a Vasectomy and cant get me pregnant so havent used any protection since we started having sex!

I’m now worried as tested Positive For HPV, and i have to go back in a years time to be tested again to see if it has gone away.

Ive told my partner we may have to start using Condoms for the time being and see if it clears up!

Worried sick as its my first test to be come back with some sort of abnormality!


Hey so I’m in the same boat hpv no cell changes and to go in a year to see if it’s gone away and hopefully not cell changes in that time constant worry but re assured it’s very common and the odds are you will clear it .I have started taking ahcc vitamins pricey but real good reviews and multivitamins trying everything to boost my immune system .I k ow what I mean like I don’t no how long u have had it either it’s horrible this was my first smear where being tested for hpv mine have always been normal so this could have been in my system for ten years who knows…Idont stress urself easier said than done but u will be monitored now which is good and fingers crossed it will not be there in 12 months as for you and ur bf using condoms not realy sure if that will make the blind bit of difference but I’m not an expert lol do what feels right for you
Take care don’t stress it will be fine x

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