First follow up appointment


Today i had my first follow up appointment since my radical trachelectomy three months ago.

Overall it went well but i am really annoyed with myself...

The consultant tried to do an examination but i found it too painful so he stopped. Has anyone else experienced this?

He said that he wasn't too worried and will do a proper examination and smear in 3 months time.

However, i feel awful about it because me and my boyfriend haven't had sex for 6 months (due to 2 lletz and operation).

We have both admitted to each that we feel nervous about it which is why we have been putting it off.

And now after what happened today, i feel even more nervous about it!


Can anyone help or share their experience? I don't know whether to ring specialist nurse tomorrow to ask if i can have another examination, i am not sure if i can wait for another 3 months to find out if everything is ok 'down there'



Hi Janey :-)

I imagine that you are very, very tense down there. If your boyfriend is a very understanding, gentle type (and if he's still around after six months of no action it sounds as though he is) then it might be worth trying to move forward little by little with him first. Let's face it, your boyfriend probably has the time and the inclination to spend several hours taking it very slowly whereas a doctor simply cannot afford that much time.

Can I suggest a glass of wine and some romantic lighting? Much nicer than a doctor's surgery!

Be lucky :-)


Thank you for your lovely message x

:-) You're welcome :-) How are you getting along?