First ever smear test - unable to find



im 26 and I had my first ever smear test today. Well unfortunately it didn't go well at all. The doctor was unable to find my cervix. 

She tried 3 times and was keep saying that she only can see blood but not my cervix. That plastic she used was massive and I was in so much discomfort. She made me so uncomfortable cos she kept saying that she never had this experience before. 

I had loads of blood coming out after :-( 

i have to go back on Tuesday and hopefully she will see my cervix then otherwise I have to go to the hospital :-(

i have no idea what to expect. 


i had a smear text thing when I lived in Hungary , but that wasn't painful at all. That was only like a swab. but not painful at all. 


is it normal to bleed and not to find the cervix ? 


Thank you. 



Hi Gabriella

If you have a look around in the forum, there are some other ladies who have had this problem. Your cervix might just be in a bit of an odd position. I wouldn't worry about being sent to the hospital if that's what they decide to do, because then you will be seen by an expert gynaecologist who does this all day, every day :-) I remember one lady commented onhere that her own doctor always had problems doing her smears, but the consultant at the hospital did it so quickly and easily that she could hardly believe it.

Good luck, and I hope that next time is a better experience!

Hey, my doctor found it really hard to find mine and said it was off to the left or something, took her ages, at the hospital they had no problems so i think because GP's don't do it on a daily basis they sometimes struggle, i wouldn't worry about it, i've found everything more comfortable at the hospital anyway! xxx