First ever smear at 43 years old...Pls read for assurance x

Hi Ladies,

I just needed to thank all the ladies that contribute to this forum - as I couldnt have coped without you.

In a nutshell:

I decided this year upon receiving an invite again for a smear that I was going to go - for my first ever smear at 43 years old.  Yes, you read right 43.  Im currently in a relationship and have no children (by choice). What an idiot ive been.

Had the smear and then received the dreaded letter advising severe dyskarosis on a Friday.  Well, i cried and googled. Bad mistake.  I stumbled across this site and i thinki read through every single posting.  It was a tough, tough weekend and I chose not tell anybody - apart from my Manager at work.

I called the hospital first thing on Monday morning and managed to get a cancellation for the very next day.  Thank God - as i was a complete emotional wreckand couldnt eat or sleep.

I had the colposcopy and the LLETZ treatment the same day (yes, it was painful and they couldnt get the bleeding to stop at one point) and I came home feeling very, very sorry for myself. The bleeding, the discharge, the smelly discharge and the horrible thrbbing pain.  I had so much bloody-brown dis-charge  that I was filling a few pads a day, but it eventually after about 3 weeks it all stopped.

Then came the wait.  A very anxious wait. I jumped each time my phone rang and checked the post with trembling hands...expecting the worst.

Then eventually my letter came - confirmed CIN3!!! A follow up smear in April 2014.  I had to read the letter a few times as i was expecting worse, a lot worse.

I still havent told anybody - not even my partner, my mum or sisters as i dont them to worry.

So please all you beautiful ladies out there, please dont worry waiting for results (its easier said than done)  Please think positive - if I can come away with CIN3 at 43 years old on my first ever smear, Im sure you'll come out with positive results too.

Any private questions - please feel free to send me a private message.









Hi iv only ever had 2 smesr tests first was fine 2nd came back with high grade dyskaryosis, was another 3 weeks before i rang them was in such a state, any way had the colposcopy yesterday had to be druged up for that was so nervous was shakeing like hell, had a few biopsy taken was not as bad as i thought i did lose it when she said i needed treetment there and then  as i was a mess they suggested  i have it done under general anaesthetic, im dreading the whole thing .  they also said the cells were high up and were not sure if they got a proper biopsy as to high oh by the way im 53 so was a bit of a shock having to go through something like that at my age , as iv noticed alot of woman on here are young, how was you after the treetment pain ect not had to were pads ect for years so not looking forward to that part lol

I had my treatment yesterday..Im finding I ache today. .period type cramps and back pain..having to wear a liner..nurse said might have to for up to 4 week's x


Yes you're right, theres a lot of young women on here. I think we're the latest oldest members.

I was an emotional wreck after the treatment, but kept a brave face on in front of friends and family, as to this day Ive still not told any of them, as dont want to cause them any unecessary worry.

The pain afterwards was like bad period pains? With that disgusting smell.  I had more of a browny discharge mostly with that disgusting smell.  I was filling a pad a day (sorry too much information) But after about 3 weeks it all stopped.

 I know this is an old post but I feel some relief I'm not alone. I had one smear in my 20s which came back normal. I didn't have another until I was 40. My results came back ASC-H. I decided to go straight to the LEEP. It is scheduled for the 17th of September. I am not so nervous of the procedure, I'm more scared of what the results could be.