First ever smear abnormal - what happens next?


I don’t know if I’m just being dramatic but I need some advice or experienced knowledge. 

Im 25 with a 12 wk old baby and just had my first ever smear test. During the test the nurse found a lump on my cervix and has referred me to see the dr on an urgent appointment tomorrow. She told me not to worry today much as it’s likely just a polyp and not necessarily cancerous (words intended to reassure but have instead made me anxious) she also looked really concerned about it. I’ve been bleeding after sex but figured it was just becaise I recently had a baby. I had an emergency c section after a long labour. In my shock at things not just being normal I forgot to ask things so thought I’d ask here: 

will the DR be able to tell on sight if it’s just a polyp or something cancerous or am i in for a long wait over Christmas for finding out? 

If it is something serious then what happens next and how quickly?

How long do smear test results take? 


Id really appreciate answers to these questions as I’ve never experienced anything like this before xx

Hi there. 


I‘m new here too so can’t offer much except a sympathetic ear. 

Im in a similarish boat to you. My first smear came back as highly abnormal and I’m awaiting further tests. My smear results came back very quickly although it was just a very vague letter. My next step was being referred for a colposcopy and I think from there there’s biopsies and a wait for the result so potentially they may be the next steps if something is found. How did you get on at the Doctors? Xx

Hello, just came across your post! I was wondering how uve gotten on as im in the same boat. Just had my first smear, lump was found and im now awaiting for an appointment about it. Xx