First ever colposcopy - how I feel!

Hello beautiful ladies,

I hope you’re all having a great day. I came back from my colposcopy a few hours ago and I just wanted to share what happened incase it helps someone!

The two nurses who saw me were SO LOVELY. The procedure itself wasn’t anymore painful than a smear - it just lasted a tiny bit longer. Having received first smear results as severe and high-grade, I was preparing for the worst. I could see my cervix on the screen next to me - bizarre, but not grim!

She then took a biopsy, which wasn’t terrible AT ALL - just a teeny sting. When I asked her when she was going to do the biopsy, she said she’s just done it! (Which goes to show that it isn’t worth worrying about - but every woman is different I suppose) After the procedure was over, my nurse said that she can’t see anything cancerous, and my abnormalities aren’t as bad as my smear predicted - they were in fact mild.

I’m aware that the biopsy gets sent off for examination, but I was booked in for an operation next Tuesday, and she said this is to ensure the abnormalities, however mild or severe, are removed, and to also make sure that they haven’t spread. Has anyone every experienced this? I wasn’t recommended LLETZ or anything like that. I think the operation is laser - so I’m hoping nothing too serious.

I’m taking away good news from this. Please share any advice or similar experiences you’ve been through.

Thank you!

F x

Hi Freda

I also had a good experience at my first colposcopy! Well as good as it gets lol

The nurses and the doctor were so lovely and it all felt so routine - I was so worried I'd be made to feel like the odd one out. Weird I know!!

The colposcopy didn't feel any worse than my smear and actually I would rather the doctor doing the colposcopy doing any smears I have in future as I hardly felt a thing! Same goes for biopsies! It hurt so much more when I had my ear pierced! 

Its so normal to be nervous and to be worked up but I would tell anyone it is absolutely no where near as bad as you expect. 

If anyone has questions then please ask :)

Charlene x

Hi! My biopsy hurt only during the stopping bleeding part and speculum entrance. Biopsies itself did not hurt. Glad you had a great experience! My doctor when examining me said it looked like I would definitely need LEEP and then when I went into today for my biopsy results, she was shocked that the results were normal. I have to just repeat the pap in one year. I was happy and surprised. Hope the same for you :)