First day of Chemo-Rad done

That's day one done and dusted

Started with the chemo at 1.30 , followed by radio and finally got home at 8pm.

Found out I have Adenosquamous Stage 2b

Chemo went well, no ill effects at all so far.

Radio was a problem. I had already had loads of fluid with the chemo treatment and then had to drink 3 glasses of water. I was bursting by the time I finally got on the machine. I'm not sure what when wrong but 15 minutes later nothing had happened and I was nearly crying ( and I'm no wimp! ) my tummy was sticking up like a balloon. They finally got the machine going about ten minutes later.

When I was finally allowed to go to the loo, I couldn't go ! I think my bladder had seized up ! Sat there for nearly ten minutes before I'd managed to pee enough to feel comfortable. I really hope it doesn't have to be this bad every time.

On a positive note, I still feel ok apart from an odd pins and needles type tingling in my left foot. 

I drove the car home.. hubby was there but he is still recovering from illness, so I'm hoping to be able to drive for the most part of the treatment. Stopped for fish and chips and am really pleased that it wasn't as bad as I had worried about. Oops.. need to edit this, the fish and chips were fine, it was the chemo I was worried about 

Love to all you fabulous ladies that have kept me sane over these waiting weeks.x

Very well done you! I start soon, just recovering for a radical hysterectomy. I will aim for fish and chips too! Smile

Thanks natcog. Good luck with your recovery. Will you be having chemo-rad too ?

I had my hysterectomy 11 years ago so CC was a big shock for me !

I'm waiting for chemo/ rad once I've recovered from this radical hysterectomy- i'm still using a catheter 3 weeks post op. I'm beginnnig to think this awful time will never end. 


Snooze H, 

I bet it was a shock to you. Hard to believe you went through a hysterectmomy 11 years ago and now have CC. Cruel, but we will fight this disease.

I've been told it will be 6 weeks of chemo/ radio  as they found one tiny cell in a lymph that was removed. They're sure they've removed the cancer but this is extra cover. I think that's what was said, all hard to absorb really. 


Lots of love x 

Well done  for starting  your treatment  it is a day closer  to your recovery tell them tomorrow  what  happened with your  bladder  they might  b able  to help  xx 

Well done for first day! 

natcog, you sound a similar stage to me. I'm 7 weeks post op, and I find out the results of my PET scan tomorrow, as I have lymph node involvement too. I'm going on holiday in August, so won't start my chemo/rads until I get back. My docs have said that this is fine. Xxx

Thanks everyone. Day 2 radiotherapy completed now and still feeling OK. Drove myself today and was very relaxed. I controlled the time I drank the water and how much and it worked out much more comfortably. No delay on the machine either today.

I haven't even needed the anti sickness drugs so far :)

My only problem was total sleeplessness last night ! I popped into the chemo unit to ask today and apparently it's a common effect of the steroids given with the chemo , so it should only happen on the Monday chemo days ! I was really hyper too so I might have to use it to my advantage and stay up to do housework !

I used  to  have a few  nights lol that  just  mon  Tues  wed why  I took my steroids remember  also  to  rest  if  u feel  sleepy even  if  it during  the day my advice  wud b listen  to your  body x 

Thanks Helpme I did have an hour yesterday afternoon, and I spoke too soon on the sickness. I feel nauseous today so had to take one. Having ginger biscuits with lemon and ginger tea for breakfast now !

I slept much better last night though.

Did anyone else get constipated on their first week of chemo-rad, I haven't been since Monday.

Second week started. I've had my second chemo treatment today and am feeling hyper again ! I've decided to put this time to good use rather than trying hopelessly to sleep. I'm off to do the ironing in a while :)

Apart from heartburn. constipation and the donperidone anti nausea tablets making me feel worse.. I felt much better after throwing them up again !.. I'm pleased how the first week hasn't been as bad as I has dreaded.

Good luck with your treatments ladies x

SnoozeH,  I am waiting to start the chemo/rad -it's really helpful to hear your updates. 

All the very best and keep strong. You're doing so well x 

Hi everyone. Just off to my 10th day in a while. It hasn't been plain sailing this week but I'm still feeling OK today. 

Had dreadful diarrhea for two days and had to pop into the acute unit. Even water wasn't staying in and Immodium wasn't working..  They put me on a drip and gave me some different pills and touch wood I'm OK today. Red blood cells are a little low so they say I need a blood transfusion on Tuesday. Nurse friend of mine says 105 isn't too low and they are just being cautious.. Hey ho, I'll go with the flow!

Stay strong natcog xx this has been very doable and I've driven myself most days xx

Thinking of you SnoozeH. 


Had my chemo yesterday and my 12th radiotherapy today. My red blood count was low so had to go to have a blood transfusion. I had no idea they took so long.. Four and a half hours for two bags ! Feeling quite normal today and looking a lot pinker !

You're doing very well. Are you half way through?


Not quite. I've done 3 chemo and 15 radio now.. 2 more chemo and 17 more radio to go.

Glad to have the weekend off to recover now. Not feeling too bad today although I was sick for the first time yesterday .. ruddy typical.. I had my weekly review to discuss side effects etc and had only just said nausea doesn't seem to be a problem.. had the radio and then started to drive home.. within a mile I had to pull over and throw up ! I think I talked that one up !

How are you doing natcog ?

Hi Snooze, 

I had a meeting with my oncologist on Friday. I've found out today that I don't start chemo/ rads until 28th August. I'm gutted, I really wanted to start it and get it over with ASAP. More waiting. 

Hope you had a restful weekend. It's down hill now for you now- fingers crossed xx 

N x

4th week started and after feeling tired and having diarrhea over the weekend I feel hugely better after todays chemo. This is the only day I get steroids and they really perk me up. Although there was a weird side effect today. The nurse apologised and said it was her fault for injecting the steroid too quickly.. It really made my bum itch !!! Apparently this is quite common.. I didn't say anything but she saw me wriggle and commented on it. 

Sorry you have to wait so long natcog.. the waiting is the worst part. Use your time to eat well and get as fit as you can in preparation xx

Treatment finished now. I can't say it was easy as the side effects got worse, but we coped and I'm now beginning to feel a little more human.

Oddly the ten days after completing treatment was the worst.. I thought I'd never be able to stop the diarrhea!

Waiting begins... a six week review and then a scan in 3 months.. fingers crossed x