First Colposcopy

Hi everyone,  

I'm 21 and had my first colposcopy yesterday due to bleeding after sex. I've had an examination before find the speculum being inserted really uncomfortable every time. The examination itself wasn't too painfull 

But after leaving, I felt so emotional! It just came over me and I feel so up and down! I'm getting discharge and a bit of bleeding which I was expecting, but I'm also really sore, inside and at the bottom of my tummy where my cervix is. They did take some biopsies but I'm just so uncomfortable and don't know how long is normal for it to hurt? I'm due on in a  few days which probably isn't helping either! Just wondered how long it usually took to feel 'normal' down there again and if anyone else turned into an emotional wreck after?! 


Chloe xxx 

Hi Chloe, 

Had my second colposcopy this week . Knew what to expect and they didn't do a biopsy this time it was just a check. I felt uncomfortable and sore inside for a couple of days . Also my lower tummy area felt tender. I'm sure you will feel better soon , for me, I don't think it helped that I was tense during the procedure.I was fine this time, but a total emotional mess the first time,  I'm sure that being due on isn't helping you either. Wishing you well. Xx

Hi Chloe, your 'emotional wreck' part caught my eye. 6 months ago I had a colposcopy and a LLETZ at the same appointment for severe dyskariosis. I felt okay after at first but I think this was because I had got myself so worked up about it all and it really wasn't that bad, I felt relieved that it wasn't as bad as what I thought it would be. About a week later I was still having pains and discharge and then started bleeding, I went to my GP he did some swabs and then I turned in to an emotional wreck. Can't explain it but I cried for a few days and just felt fed up with having to wear pads all the time, then bleeding, then an infection, i was anxious about the results of the LLETZ. I felt like this for about a week, I got some antibiotics and after a few weeks I felt myself again. It's a worrying time and it's all new, I think its

normal to feel a bit emotional.   


Hi Chloe,

I had my first colpscopy last Friday 2nd, I still feel sore on one side, I also was on by period at the time,I dont think this helps at all.

My emotions are all over the place and Im twice your age!! I think you have been very brave and have the right to be abit emotional.

Good luck with everything xxxx