First colposcopy


I received a letter saying my smear showed some abnormal cells' and informing me that I would receive an appointment for  a colposcopy within the next few days. The following week I got my appointment which is tomorrow (the whole thing has taken no more than 10 days from first letter explaining I had abnormal cells to my actual appointment.

I am so nervous about it all and the speed of everything took me by surprise. Im trying hard not to over-think it but I am worried that being seen so quickly might mean its not good :-(.

Sorry if I sound all dramatic! How long do ppl usually wait for their app?

It is different for each clinic. Mine was around 2 weeks from my smear results to my colposcopy appointment date x

Thanks xx I thought I'd be ok but feeling very anxious about it all today. Glad it is happening very quickly in a lot of ways x

Hiya mine took the same amount of time as yours , I just had my first colposcopy on Friday and it wasn't as bad as I thought xxxx

hope everything goes ok! Xxxx

Hi x How long were you there for? Did you have any form of 'treatment'?



I had to wait 10 days for my appointment.

it wasn't bad, just uncomfortable. The actual colposcopy was very quick- speculum in like at a smear, a brush with iodine up there to swipe across the cervix in next min then dr there having a look to see if any cells have turned white. I could have watched it all on screen at my side but chose not to... Within a min he said he saw bad cells and asked if he could cut them out, I said yes, he injected LA into cervix which I did not feel to be honest (most people say they feel nothing) then nurse stuck a big plaster thing on my thigh to "earth" me!!! Then he did procedure. Bit of pulling about feeling inside as he moved about but not painful and done in 10-15 mins. That was it. Quick chat to ask if i had any questions and to tell me 3-6 weeks for results and that was it. Walked out. No pain.

good luck tomorrow xxx dons

Thank you for your message. Never had ambnormal cells before so it's all new and a bit frightening. I am glad it's only taken approx ten days for me to get to having the appointment because at least now it'll be done and I can move on :-) xx

Try not to worry. Some ladies have to wait from 4-6 weeks so be pleased things are happening. 

Good luck xxx


Thank You x

Well I've been! Lovely consultant who explained my smear showed severe abnormal cells so predicted CIN3. He said it could turn out to be CIN 1 or 2 and then talked me through treatments that he might carry out depending on what he found. Colposcopy showed 5 areas of abnormal cells which he said were CIN3. Had loop incisions after 4 injections of L.A. Feeling a little sore but ok. He said I should get my results in 2-3 weeks x

Well done you!!!

glad it all went ok. Now TRY to put it to the back of your mind otherwise you will drive yourself mad waiting for the results.

i did actually manage to focus on other things, going on a short cycling and camping holiday the next day with hubbie and 5 yr old daughter. It obviously played on my mind but I talked to friends and hubbie and just got on with life. I didn't know about this website then and did not have all the info that u may have so didn't sit dwelling reading other people's stories so try to just get on with normal life for the next few weeks.

good luck. Fingers crossed for you. let us know when u get results xxx


I had exactly the same experience.  I had my first smear ever which showed boderline changes so i went back 6 months later. I yhen recieved a letter with an appointment at the gyno 10 days later. I 

called my GP for advice and the rreceptionistwasnt helpful at all which concerned me more. Ive just been for my colposcopy appointment today. I joined this site to share my experience as  reading others really eased my nerves. Today was a prolonged smear. It was uncomfortable but less so than a smear as the position was much more comfortable.  She seen changes but deavribed them as minor cn1. There was 2 doctors and a nurse who were all very pleasant amd settled my nerves. They took 2 biopsies. I asked if I could cough as she took them as ive heard this helps. I honestly felt nothing more than a slight bit of pressure. I will recieve results on 4-6 weeks but im not feeling too concerned. They are only looking for cells that could become cancerous if left untreated. The nurse assured me any treatment would be no worse than what I recieved today. She also gave me a pamphlet with her name and number if I have any concerns before or after receiving my results. Please try not to worry :)

Sorry for spelling errors. Editing text on this site on my phone is a pain

Thank you all for your messages! :-) Feeling better now - all done and only a 2-3 wait for results which I think is quite good. Glad I had all the dodgy cells removed. I am going to just try and get on with it now. I know the chances of results being cc are very, very low and consultant said because mine were CIN3 then if nothing worse comes back from the biopsies I will have a smear again in 6 months then annually for 10 years so I know I'm being taken care of. 


xxx dons