First colposcopy - worried about pain

Hi everyone!

I went for my first smear test yesterday (I'm 24) and was told I had cervical ectropion. Because of this and also the symptoms I reported to the nurse she has referred me to the colposcopy clinic.

The problem is my smear test was really painful! I've never felt pain that bad in my life!

Is the colposcopy likely to hurt more? Should I take some over the counter pain killers before I go?

Any advice would be appreciated! 



Hi Jennie!

It's great that you have connected with Jo's Trust. It's natural to feel anxious and want some reassurance ahead of your first colposcopy, especially as it sounds like you had a bad experience with a smear test. 

Whilst nurses are absolutely competent at what they do, and some are very good, most nurses will do all kinds of medical tasks - staff at the colposcopy clinic will tend to specialise in gyno matters, so I’ve always found they are very good and knowing how to make it as comfortable and painless as possible. For my first colposcopy, it felt a little uncomfortable and the punch biopsy was a sore (the equivalent pain of an intense period cramp), but by the time I had my second a year later (maybe because I knew what to expect) the whole thing was genuinely painless.

I know it sounds trite, but I genuinely think it was my being more relaxed which made the second one better (and even the first wasn’t bad at all). It’s silly to say you should go in feeling completely relaxed because it’s a new experience and can be daunted, but I find chatting to the staff helps – and they will happily talk away to you!

All the very best! J